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In this course you will learn the Managerial Skills.


Just as a professional knows how to make a move and how to defend and attack in a job, managers need to have a certain skill set to perform their job effectively.

Management skills are what the manager uses to help the organization achieve its goals. In particular, a manager uses their own talents, knowledge bases, experiences, and perspectives to increase the productivity of those they lead. The toolbox a manager needs to effectively perform his job typically falls into one of three categories: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. In this course, you will find much more in light of basic education information. You can move this course forward or backward with the technology provided, you can repeat places you do not understand, speed it up, or freeze it to continue your lessons whenever you want or when you are available.

Technical skills are the skills required to perform a specific task. These skills are a combination of formal education, training and on-the-job experience. Most employees expect their managers to have a technical skill above their own, so when needed an employee can come to their manager to learn how to do something specific to their job. Interpersonal skills are what a manager will use to work with their employees. Some people are born with good human skills. It is essential that people who do not have this skill work on it more. Human skills are critical to all managers because they work with people. Managers with good human skills understand their role in the manager / employee relationship and how important things such as trust, compliance, fairness, empathy and goodwill are to the overall success of the organization.

Human skills help the manager guide, direct and motivate an employee to work towards a higher level of productivity. Conceptual skills are the last skills that a manager should have in their toolbox. The analytical ability of the ability to predict both parts and their sum directly translates into the manager’s conceptual skill set. Essentially, the conceptual skills of a manager enable him to solve problems in a strategic and calculated way. Conceptual skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s chaotic business environment.

This course will add a lot of value to you for your education, exams and professional life. Our teachers worked hard to create this course for this purpose. We wish to be useful to you and wish you success.




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