Understand the period of Quarantine of pandemic of COVID-19

What you will learn

This course is based on how to take care of oneself by living in quarantine

How can reduce their mental stress

Coping with isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic

study investigates students’ social networks and mental health before and at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic


Start a relaxing routine. Relaxation practises like deep breathing, meditation, and yoga can help you regain control of your nervous system when stressors knock it out of whack. Most benefits come from regular practice, so try if you can set aside even a small amount of time every day.

Individuals’ health, well-being, and quality of life can all be harmed by sedentary behaviour and inadequate levels of physical activity. Self-quarantine can also contribute to citizens’ stress levels and put their mental health at risk.

Avoid touching surfaces that have been touched by someone infected with COVID-19, especially in public places or health facilities. Using conventional disinfectants, clean surfaces on a regular basis.

Today, countries around the world are undergoing a much worse situation due to the COVID-19 virus, an infectious disease. In order to reduce the disease and infection of the disease, the infected person or any person who has met someone infected, quarantine people by the government or, this course is based on how to take care of yourself by quarantine, such as How people can reduce their mental stress levels. To the end of this course, the learner can able to understand the criteria of quarantine.  and how as a human being we have maintained ourself during the quarantine.





Overview about the course

About SARS-CoV-2 Virus {COVID 19)

What does Quarantine mean ?

What is Isolation, Quarantine and Social distancing?

Who is Quarantined ?

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Quiz 1

To stay healthy during this period of Quarantine ( Part A )

Keep physically exercise

Looking after our mental health

Quiz 2

To stay healthy during this period of Quarantine ( Part B )

Abandoning tobacco

Eating healthily

Quiz 3

To stay healthy during this period of Quarantine ( Part C )



Quiz 4