Create your own LearnDash course website in WordPress and sell your courses online

What you will learn

How to make their own LMS in wordpress

Will learn Learndash

How to make free courses

How to sell their courses online

How to attach the payment gateway to the course

How to make lessons


Welcome to the ultimate course for building membership websites with WordPress where you are going to learn how to build two different types of membership websites.


In this course, you are going to learn how to build a fully functional membership website with the use of the free membership plugin – Paid Memberships Pro.

The website we shall build together is called BizAcademy. This is a website that provides both free and premium content on how to start and grow a successful business. With the use of the paid memberships pro plugin we shall

  • Create 2 different membership plans (standard & gold) each with different features
  • Restrict premium content access so it’s only available to paying members
  • Setup payment gateways via PayPal & Stripe so we can accept payments from our members

We shall also work with the Elementor page builder plugin to develop and design the entire website.


The second website we shall build will be an online education platform which will have courses on Italian cooking. We shall build this website using the best LMS plugin for WordPress which is LearnDash.

We are going to make use of the most powerful LMS plugin for WordPress which is LearnDash. With LearnDash, we shall do the following

  • Import some demo content to get our website up and running
  • Create courses complete with lessons, topics & quizzes
  • Build out the course curriculum
  • Integrate our courses with WooCommerce so we can sell them as products

In addition to working with LearnDash, we shall also make use of WooCommerce and Elementor to build out the entire website.

I am also going to show you how to perform the following

Get Instant Notification of New Courses on our Telegram channel.

  • Setup payment gateways like PayPal & Stripe
  • Create & manage student accounts
  • Customize your main navigational menu
  • Develop a customized login page
  • Run automations
  • and so much more


I have also included a bonus section where I will show you how to turn your LearnDash academy into a membership website by integrating it with a free membership plugin called Memberships Pro.

I guarantee that by the end of this course you would have learned all the necessary skills to build any type of membership website that you want.

This course will show students how to set up their own LearnDash course website using the LearnDash WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, and the Stripe payment gateway. Whether you’re building your own course website or building them for others, in less than a day you’ll be able to start selling courses online.

This course is also sufficient for you if you are trying to make your own course website where you want to sell the videos online .

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The course is a detailed and easy tutorial to get you all setup and going with the use of Learnpress LMS plugin. It is a free and simple plugin to help you create an E-learning courses website easily like Udemy. The tutorial guides you with configuration of the plugin, creation of lessons, quizzes and courses and finally guides you on how to sell your courses. It also shows how you could configure certain additional items like the course layouts and featured images.




Complete LMS Course

Introduction to LMS Course

Installation of Theme Plugin & it’s configuration

Making course with the help of Learn Dash

How to put the content in the course

Selling of the course with the help of WooCommerce