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Draw your Ideas and Collaborate with detail.


Google Jamboard is an online brainstorming and team collaboration tool by Google that can be used to draw out ideas visually and share them among other team members of your choice. The application is simple yet very powerful where we can keep various elements in the application and collaborate with other people in real-time.

In this course, we will start by looking at the interface of the application to get familiar with the working environment followed by exploring the element creation tools such as pen tool and stick notes that the application provides us with. We will also see the ways in which we can import out photos and then manage them in our Jamboard.

We will then explore the options available to us to manage and save our Jamboard documents.

We will then see the ways in which we can share our Jamboard file with others for collaboration and see the way by which we can collaborate in real-time as well.

Finally, we will wrap up the course with an example Jamboard Project.

Google Jamboard is a part of G Suite applications and therefore easily integrates with other Google applications such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Meet.




Getting Started

Getting Started with Jamboard

Exploring the Interface

Undo, redo and Zoom Options

Save and Rename Jamboard Files

Downloading Files as PDF or Removing Files

File View Options in Homepage

Content Creation and Management Tools

Using the Pen Tool

Easing and Clearing Frame

Using and Managing Sticky Notes

Selection Tool

Changing Order of Layers

Uploading Image from Local Storage

Using Image URL to Insert Image

Inserting Image from Camera Connected to your Computer

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Inserting Image from Google Image Search

Inserting Image from your Google Drive Cloud Storage

Inserting Images from your Google Photos

Drawing and Modifying Shapes

Working with Text Box

Using Laser Tool

Changing Background

Adding, Removing and Managing Frames

Downloading Frame as an Image

Making a Copy of Jamboard File

Sharing Methods

Sharing Files with Other People

Transferring Ownership to Other People

Removing Shared Accesses

Generating a Shared Link

Collaborate with Other Users in Realtime

Recovery Options

Access Version History and Restore Versions

Recovering Deleted Files

Wrap and Goodbye

Example Project