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Covers Node.js, ES6, Classes, Arrays, Objects, Functions, Phaser 3, Express.js and more!

What you will learn

Covers Node, ES6, Classes, Arrays, Objects, Functions, Phaser 3, Express and more!


Ever wanted to learn Javascript, Node.js & Express.js but found traditional courses a little boring & long?

Jump straight in by coding a snake game and learn the fun way!

You will get experience using:

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  • Javascript
  • ES6
  • Classes
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Phaser 3
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Phaser 3

Snake is a nice, simple game that includes many fundamental elements that you will find in many games. It is the ideal first game to code.

The game includes:

  • Movement
  • Input handling
  • Power ups
  • Randomisation
  • Collision detection
  • Game over handling

I hope you enjoy the course!



Getting Started

Installing Visual Studio Code & Node.js

Node.js & Express

Getting started with Node.js & Express – Hello World!
Express your inner HTML…

Phaser 3 – Getting Started

Phaser – Back In Black
Phaser – Our Main Scene

Phaser 3 – The Snake

Phaser – Start the Snake
Phaser – Snake Jerky
Phaser – Patriot Snake

Phaser 3 – The Apple

Phaser – Scrumping
Phaser – Snake Bite (& black please…)

Phaser 3 – Final Tweaks

Phaser – Die Snake Die
Phaser – Snake Seriously Just Die
Phaser – Never Going Back Again
This is the End


What is Node.js & why do we use it here?