Learn the Basics of Blender 2.8 series and use to create 3d scenes

What you will learn

Learn how to start using blender interface and tools

Learn the basic modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering in blender

Why take this course?

Learn how to start using blender and use it for modelling, texturing lighting and rendering 3d scenes

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Learn How to do the following

  • Download Install blender, customize the interface and start using the various tools and features in blender
  • Start modelling, texturing, lighting up a scene and render outputs in blender 2.8 series
  • Start Using modifiers to create various models in Blender
  • Start using addons to make the work easy
  • Learn HowΒ  to customise the interface of blender
  • Learn how to light up a scene and create a basic render out of it
  • Learn How to do texturing in Blender using UV mapping