Covers all Essential Python topics and Libraries for Data Science or Machine Learning Beginner Such as numpy pandas etc.

What you will learn

Learn The basic of python and data science libraries such as numpy, pandas , plotting libraries like matplotlib and seaborn , plotly and cufflinks

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Welcome to my course Basics Data Science with Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib     

This course will teach the basics of Python Data Structures and the most important Data Science libraries like NumPy and Pandas with step-by-step examples!

In this course, we will learn step by step with starting with basics understanding of jupyter notebook and how to write a code in jupyter notebook

and understanding every function of jupyter notebook then we will learn basic pythons such as Then we will go ahead with the basic python data types like strings, numbers, and its operations. We will deal with different types of ways to assign and access strings, string slicing, replacement, concatenation, formatting, and strings.

Dealing with numbers, we will discuss the assignment, accessing, and different operations with integers and floats. The operations include basic ones and also advanced ones like exponents. Also, we will check the order of operations, increments, and decrements, rounding values, and typecasting.

Then we will proceed with basic data structures in python like Lists tuples and set. For lists, we will try different assignments, access, and slicing options. Along with popular list methods, we will also see list extension, removal, reversing, sorting, min and max, existence check, list looping, slicing, and also inter-conversion of lists and strings.

So let’s start with the lessons. See you soon in the course lecture





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Jupyter Basic1

Jupyter Basic

Python Basic Operation

Keyword and Identifier

Numpy and Pandas operation

Numpy Basic

Pandas Basic Operation

Plotting Libraries, Matplotlib, seaborn and cufflinks and plotly

Matplotlib and seaborn1

Matplotlib and seaborn2