Learn how to lead a Business Intelligence Project

What you will learn

Learn what Business Intelligence is

Learn how Business Intelligence can help a business become more profitable

Learn the proven strategies to lead and implement a Business Intelligence project

Learn the common pitfalls and workarounds for Business Intelligence projects

Learn how to work with both people and systems effectively to lead change

Learn the 7 Steps for BI Project Success in Any Organization


This course is designed to explain what Business Intelligence is, why it is a critical tool for businesses, and how to successfully lead a Business Intelligence project at your company. This project is geared towards finance professionals but is applicable for a wide range of professionals.

The time is now for Business Intelligence…Will you be the one to jumpstart your career by leading change at your company?

This course covers the following knowledge areas:

What is Business Intelligence and Why Do We Care?

The Future of Finance

What Can BI do For Your Organization?

Identify the Pain Points

Build an Analytics Strategy

Preparing for Change

Leading Change

Project Pitfalls & Solutions





Introduction-Carrying out a Business Intelligence Implementation Project

Who am I?

What is Business Intelligence and Why Do We Care?


What is Business Intelligence?

The Data Analysis Iceberg

Transactional Reporting to Predictive Analytics

Typical User Classification- Reporting

What Does Typical Data Analysis Look Like Today?

Quiz 1

The Future of Finance


The Way Forward

A New Role for Finance

Step 1 in a BI Transformation

Create a Plan & Timeline

Digital as a Driver and Accelerator 1

Digital as a Driver and Accelerator 2

Key Questions Facing Finance

Drivers of BI Value

Positive Outcomes for BI-Centric Organizations

How BI Drives Stakeholder Value

BI Enhances Finance’s Ability to Meet Business Needs

Quiz 2

What Can BI do For Your Organization?


Enhancing the Quality and Consistency of Data

Operational Efficiency

What Does BI Do For an Organization?

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What Can BI Do For You?

The New Roles of Finance in a BI World

Quiz 3

Identify the Pain Points


What’s Not Working Today?

What Do Businesses Need?

For Many Organizations, Excel=BI

The State of the BI Transformation


Build an Analytics Strategy

Build an Analytics Strategy

Because: Specify the Why

Preparing for Change


Change Happens One Step at a Time

Who Should Lead a BI Implementation?

Make Analytics Delivery Seamless

You Just Flip the Switch, Right?


Leading Change

The 7 Steps- Business Process Improvement Journey- BI

1. Learn the Business

2. Improve the Processes

3. Structure How and Where Information is Stored

4. Build Relationships Throughout the Business

5. Start Small- Dream Big

6. Design, Test, and Present the Proof-of-Concept (POC)

7. Propose the Project

Project Pitfalls & Solutions

Leading Change: Seems easy and fun. Can Become Dangerous Quickly.

How “Easy” is Business Intelligence?

Getting Around a non-BI Culture

Working with IT

Incentivize IT

Common Project Pitfalls

Understand Why Resistance Occurs

Communicate the Change as a Conversation

Address Emotions

Win Finance First

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Develop a Memorable Elevator Pitch

Walk the Talk

Wrap Up

Call to Action

Bonus Slides

Additional Learning Resources- Books, Courses, Websites