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Check your thought process for Leadership positions using scenarios based tests (Leadership Skills)

What you will learn

Deal with different scenarios

Skills required by Leaders

Test thought process to become a Leader


Are you ready to become a Leader?

Although we have some defined leadership roles, Leadership is not about a position we hold, it is mainly about our thought process. Just getting the responsibilities of a leader doesn’t necessarily make a person an effective leader.

This practice test course contains 2 complete timed tests, of 20-questions each and 2 hours in total. There is a passing percentage of 70 that was set to encourage students to complete the tests. Failing the test does not mean that you will fail to become an effective Leader rather explanations of each answer will help you to analyze your thought process to deal with day-to-day problems a leader faces.

Once you complete the test, you can review your performance and take a look at the explanations that will become your foundational guide to achieve leadership goals.


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The tests covered many aspects of Leadership roles and some questions also apply to daily life.

This is the perfect tool to assess your readiness to represent yourself as a leader.

If you are a manager, team leader, Founder, CEO, CTO, CMO, or hold any other leadership position, or even if you are an executive this test will surely help you in checking your leadership thought process.

I am looking forward to seeing you inside the practice tests.


Nizamuddin Siddiqui