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Azure Data Fundamentals can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based certifications like Azure Database Administrator Associate or Azure Data Engineer Associate, but it’s not a prerequisite for any of them.

Course questions incudes questions from this categories:

  • Describe core data concepts (15-20%)
  • Describe how to work with relational data on Azure (25-30%)
  • Describe how to work with non-relational data on Azure (25-30%)
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure (25-30%)

NOTE: Most questions cover features that are General Availability (GA). The exam may contain questions on Preview features if those features are commonly used.

This course contain 5 practice test and each one has its difficulty level defined which are as follows

  • simple
  • moderate
  • moderate
  • difficult
  • difficult

Each Practice set contains

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  • Random questions based on category weightage
  • Actual exam questions and its type
  • questions from all categories
  • A detailed explanation of each correct answer
  • Reference diagrams to explain the topic
  • Reference links for further studies

so if you are more confident on yourself and on your preparations, try doing from test5 but if you are not try other way round.

Note-If you have not yet started studying for exam, try from starting simple practice test where I have added Microsoft Learn document link and have added basic questions which will give you brief knowledge about each category and important concepts and you can target this exam in weekend with practice and learn methodology. 


Mark21 June 2021

This was a really useful course. It really helped me especially with the certification, but also to expand my understanding of concepts whenever I got them wrong through the answer explanations.

Gabriel27 April 2021

Answers are bad formed and not in order, making hard to find the correct answer.
Sometimes I’ve got the same question twice in the same practice but the answers are different!
So, the total number of questions mentioned by vendor is not real.
I’ve got confused for topics which I was already sure because answers seem to be wrong.
Same questions found from other providers, not sure who is stealing from who.