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Short stick for defense in krabi krabong thai martial art level 2


What you will learn

for more effective control of self-defense equipment

To understand the diversity of the Department of Weapons and find the connection point The relationship of each device to a variety of different ways of use.

Build confidence and power that goes along with every situation.

It is a meditation practice in conjunction with the action corresponding to the device.

Can be applied to other equipment for self-defense as well.



Mai soak It is an excellent eye training device. And can create courage to increase the best because it is a small device. and has a very limited angle Trainee must be highly agile. and knows how to attack from other weapons very well to be able to prevent attacks and able to counterattack

When battling a long baton, it’s important to know the long baton’s attack range and from which direction it can hit. What is the intensity of the attack range. What kind of reception must be used to protect it. When we know it, we can protect it. and create pressure back to the long baton holders in the end

And when fighting with two-handed sticks  which has more speed  Better change the direction of attack.  Protection with Mai soak will also need to be modified accordingly.

and in training for this second level  there will be more  in motion  Walking, stepping, attacking, changing grip positions for a more effective counter attack.

To use the device for this protection to the fullest.  And is a tool to train your eyes and brave heart to be ready for defensive battles in every situation.


Including taking a fighting stance from the Department of Weapons  Such as two-handed swords and ancient boxing that can be adapted to this equipment very well.  showing the relationship of the subject matter  in krabikrabong  that everything has a principle and method  To control weapons and equipment that are consistent and supported.

Doubts from training on one device  Often get answers from the practice on another device. That is a statement from a previous teacher.  It is a message that is actually related to each other.





Introduction with Mai soak

Instructions before entering the training

Exercise posture

Exercises before training

Review session from level 1

defensive training posture

Interactive training gestures

Part of the second level training

Kaw hnaa Foot step forward

Kaw hlung Foot step backward

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Kaw hnaa rub bon

Kaw hlung rub lang

Kaw hnaa rub bon koo

Kaw hlung rub lang koo

Kaw kwai hlung

Kaw kwai gun kang koo

Pud lang ka kwai

Trick Hanuman taway hwaen

Trick sue talay hang

Trick Thean kum fug

Trick Dubchawala

Trick Phogphun hunglub

Saludmue jub dam

Won tee

Tee wong lung

Tee lang

Tee lang yon

Foot step dern and thoy

Dern sueb

Dern leaw for turn walking

Kaw pasom for combination walking step

Combination all basics

Success training