Mai soak Equipment, both defensive and offensive training, is a good foundation for shielding defense.

What you will learn

Practice using shields such as shields in defense.

Enhancing reactions in the right way

to understand the way of natural forces invading

Build confidence and courage because the use of a short stick. protect that It’s not easy.

Increase your skills in using and defending from short sticks.


The training of Thai martial arts in Krabi Krabong.  There is one training device.  that requires a lot of practice  And it’s a device that takes a lot of time to practice.  There is a higher training hazard.  Other weapons  When it comes to training pairs with a long baton, that is Mai soak

Mai soak It is an excellent eye training device.  And can create courage to increase the best because it is a small device.  and has a very limited angle  Trainers must be highly agile.  and knows how to attack from other weapons very well  to be able to prevent attacks  and able to counterattack

When battling a long baton, it’s important to know the long baton’s attack range and from which direction it can hit.  What is the intensity of the attack range. What kind of reception must be used to protect it. When we know it, we can protect it.  and create pressure back to the long baton holders in the end

And when fighting with two-handed sticks  which has more speed  Better change the direction of attack.  Protection with Mai soak will also need to be modified accordingly.

However, the Mai soak is not the main weapon we use to fight.  because there is less flexibility  And it doesn’t work well enough for practical use, but the Mai soak is the ultimate defensive training tool.  It is a training device that builds courage.  And test your knowledge of the best krabikrabong. Those who practice krabikrabong but have not practiced Mai soak yet have not passed the final training.

Practicing the basic moves of this equipment was not that difficult.  And the training posture is not complicated.  If you can store details well, close gaps and have high dexterity.  resulting from regular training  You will be able to reap the benefits from  This training equipment is very much




before entering the learning

recommended training equipment


Exercises before training

Defense training

Preparing the first position

Rub bon

Rub lang

Rub bon koo

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Rub lang koo

Bid leam

Bid leam rub bon

Bid leam rub lang

Bid leam rub kang koo

Bid leam rub bon and rub lang

Attack training

Koa tee 3 times

Won tee with right hand

Won tee with left hand

Won tee with 2 hand full swing

Tee wonglung with right hand

Tee wonglung with left hand

Tee wonglung 2 hand full swing

Punch Attack with a short fist.

Mixed training part

Defense combination

Attack combination

All combination for this level

Training success