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Learn Kali Linux

What you will learn

What is Kali Linux

What is Linux

Understanding Fundamentals of Linux

What is Kernel

Types of Kernel

What is Desktop Environment

Understanding Shell/Console

How to download and install Kali Linux

Understanding Linux OS

Understanding the Linux File System

Using terminal

Installing Packages

Copy, moving, deleting the files in terminal

Changing the IP address

Learn how to do Shell Scripting


In this course, you will learn how to use the Kali Linux OS (designed for hackers) from scratch. We start this course from the basics stuff likes what is Kali Linux, what is Linux and what is meant by the word “Linux” anyway, who created it, a brief history of Kali Linux, What is Kernel, learn about the different types of the kernel, we also learn what is shell/console, types of shell, most commonly used shell nowadays, what is terminal, how we can use it for most of our operation in the Kali Linux OS, and why we need to learn the terminal does it is something that a hacker must know or just for a fun, and last but not least we are also going to learn about the scripting in the Kali Linux OS and creates our first script to automate our tasks.

There is a section dedicated to each topic in this course, so you don’t have to worry about the topics is that you want to learn and master. As this course is for beginners so don’t expect to go and hacker the most secure system/network after completing this course. This course is just designed to teach you what is Kali Linux OS and you can use it in your path of becoming an ethical hacker.






Understanding Linux

What is Kali Linux

What is Linux

What are Linux Distro

What are Desktop Environment

Understanding Kernel

What is Kernel

Types of Kernel


What is Shell

Common Shell

Installing Kali Linux

Downloading Kali Linux

Running Kali Linux Live

Installing Kali Linux on PC

Understanding File System

What is File System

Most common File System

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FHS File System in Linux

Understanding File in Linux

File types in Kali Linux

Kali Linux Directly Structure

Kali Linux Tool Section

Kali Linux Tool Section Explained

Information Gathering Tools

Vulnerability Analysis Tools

Web Application Analysis Tools

Database Assessment Tools

Password Attack Tool

Wireless Attacks Tools

Reverse Engineering Tools

Exploitation Tools

Sniffing and Spoofing Tools

Post Exploitation Tools

Forensics Tools

Reporting Tools

Social Engineering Tools

Using Terminal

Kali Linux Terminal Basics

Basic Commands

Update Kali Linux through Terminal

Creating File Through Terminal

Making Directly Trough Terminal

Deleting File in Terminal

Packages in Kali Linux

Installing Software Packages Through Terminal

Copying File Through Terminal

Moving File Through Terminal

Renaming a File Through Terminal

Changing IP Address Through Terminal

Useful Kali Linux Commands

Scripting in Kali Linux

Create Your First Script

Final Lecture