Learn how Domain Names Work and Types of Web Hosting for any Web Development Project (Free three Domain names)

What you will learn

How Domain Names Work

The Role of Domain Registrars

How to Register a Domain Name

Types of Domains (TLD, CCTLD)

How to conduct a WHOIS Search

The Role of ICANN

How to Register a domain using GoDaddy

Domain Name Server Administration

How to Administer a domain name using Godaddy/Namecheap

Setting up Domain Name Privacy, Auto-Renewal, Domain Forwarding

Types of Web Hosting

Case Analysis – Shared, Virtual Private, Dedicated, Cloud Hosting

Assessing Scalability and Resource Requirements


Domain Names Section:

We provide an overview of the domain name registration process. This includes the role of registrars and TLD (Top Level Domain) administration by ICANN. ccTLD’s (Country Code Top Level Domains) are also explored.

Students will gain hands-on experience with the registration process using popular domain registrars such as GoDaddy/Namecheap. We will provide a comparison of different registrars and register a sample domain name using GoDaddy/Namecheap. Other topics of discussion will include: domain name privacy and administration, auto-renewal, domain forwarding, and name server assignment.

Web Hosting Section:

We conduct an in-depth case analysis of web hosting solutions including: Shared, Virtual Private, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting.

We provide an overview of various packages offered by different web hosting companies and weigh the pros and cons of each one.

Students are also introduced to the importance of web server scalability and the advantages of cloud hosting over traditional hosting services. We also examine the infrastructure requirements of popular, resource intensive applications such as Netflix and Facebook to emphasize the importance of avoiding costly mistakes in the initial stages of development.

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Domain Names


Introduction to Domain Names

Domain Name Registrars

Domain Registration

Registration & Privacy Protection

Free Domain Registration

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting Packages Overview

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting & Case Study