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Learn video editing, color correction , VFX , motion graphic

What you will learn

video editing

color correction and color grading

visual effects and motion graphics

sound editing


Hello, in this course you will learn to work with the Davinci Resolve software, this software is considered one of the best video editing software’s in the world. To reach a professional level in this software you need to learn its basics and how to use its tools. In this course I will explain to you all the basics and the features in this software. This course is 6 hours long and includes 118 lessons, we start from beginners level and work our way up to advanced level to give you a smooth experience while learning. At the end of this course you will be able to edit your videos in high quality, correct colors, and add effects to your videos with a lot of techniques that you will learn.

This class has 4 sections

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Video editing

In this section you will learn the basics of the software like how to cut and merge videos and how to add transition effects and texts to your videos and a lot more.

Color correction and color grading

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In this section you will learn to correct colors in your videos, adjust the brightness and add special color styles and a lot more.

Motion graphics and VFX

In this section you will learn to animate texts and logos and you will learn to create animated backgrounds and intros.

Audio editing

In this section you will learn to edit audio files as you will see how to adjust and purify the audio and how to add effects to it.



Video editing

downloading the Davinci Resolve software
How to install the Davinci Resolve software
Create your first project
Import media files
preview your video before adding it to timeline
cutting videos in the preview window
project settings
adding videos to timeline
setting the timeline tracks
selection tool
cutting videos
unlink clips
The titles
How to create multiple texts
text animation
How to create multiple animation texts
How to create scroll text
fusion titles
How to add video inside text
transform settings
cropping footage
dynamic zoom
speed control
speed control using trim edit mode
adjusting the speed of certain parts of your video
retime speed
Introduction to video transition effects
Adding video transition effects
video transition effects settings
video transition effects curve editor
34 setting video transition effects presets
Double exposure effect
ghost effect
adjust volume
adjusting the volume at the start and end of clip

Color correction and color grading

color page
Naming nodes
Add effects to nodes
connect nodes
parallel nodes
splitter combiner nodes
combine nodes
share nodes
group nodes
primaries menu first part
primaries menu second part
primaries menu third part
auto exposure
white balance
contrast and saturation
hue vs hue
hue vs saturation
hue vs luma
luma vs saturation
saturation vs saturation
saturation vs luma
changing grass color using the qualifier
qualifier luma
qualifier rgb
qualifier 3D
the window menu
window tracker
blur and sharpening
luts and key
copy look
clips comparison

Motion graphics and VFX

fusion page
add effects in the fusion page
add text in the fusion page
text animation in the fusion page
create background in fusion page
background animation
object animation
how to create an introduction
the tracker tool
the planar tracker tool
create 3D text
change 3d text color
3D camera
adding texture to 3D text
creating a news introduction using 3D text
how to create a slideshow
slideshow animation
duplicating the slideshow
brightness effect
create an animated background
paint tool
animated glow effect
how to remove green screen
fire effect
replace a phone screen
replace the sky in your images
hologram effect
smoke effect
change eyes color
add footage inside a character eyes
add a hologram effect
add logo to an animated object
remove objects from videos
maps animation
how to duplicate a character

Audio editing

firelight page
adjusting audio files volume
changing sound tones
noise reduction
sound effects
how to export your videos