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Convert Your Art & Creativity into your Passion & Career

What you will learn

New Trends in Content Development

Open source Softwares for Content Development

Opportunities in Virtual reality and Augmented Reality, VFX

Opportunities in Motion pictures and Graphics

E-Content for Private Universities

Working as a Freelancer

Worldwide jobs in Content development

10 Start up Ideas for content developers


Course contents will be updated on regular basis.

This course contains a series of 10 sessions which are designed to develop your thought process to become a successful content developer.

1. Introduction to Content development as a career.

2. Overview of Content Development (Scope & Future Growth).

3. New Trends in Content Development.

4. How to Learn free Opensource Softwares.

5. Opportunities in Motion Pictures.

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6. Opportunities in Motion Pictures.

7. E-content for Universities.

8. Working as a Freelancer.

9. Opportunities in USA, CANADA

10. Build Your own Empire.



1. Introduction
Gear Up
Introduction to GEF
Course Contents
Introductory Lecture
2. Overview of Content Development
Gear Up
2. Overview of Content development
3. New Trends in Content development
Gear Up
3. New Trends in content development
4. Softwares
Gear Up
4. How to and Where to learn Advanced Softwares
5. Opportunities in VR, AR, VFX
5. Opportunities in Virtual reality & Augmented reality, VFX
6. Opportunities in Motion pictures
6. Opportunities in Motion Pictures
7. E-Content for Universities
7. E content development
8. Working as Freelancer
8. Working as Freelancer
9. Opportunities in USA, CANADA
9. Opportunities in USA, CANADA
10. Build your own Empire
10. 10 Start-up ideas
More E-Content is coming soon