Learn everything about Illustrator’s Drawing and Reshaping tools with detailed explanations and demonstrations.

What you will learn

Pretty much everything about Adobe Illustrator’s Drawing & Reshaping tools

Including the basic and advanced functions

Lesser known and hidden features of the tools

To the point videos with detailed and complete explanations

Handy tips and tricks to speed up your workflow


Adobe Illustrator offers a variety of Drawing and Reshaping tools that make our lives much easier as designers. BUT oftentimes, only a few of them get the attention and the rest of the tools get ignored.

It mostly happens when someone gets started with the Illustrator, they jump right into the most popular tools first and get accustomed to a typical workflow that involves only the use of a specific set of tools.

This approach works against the beginners and becomes a pitfall for them. Limiting yourself to a limited set of tools kinda blocks your way to the opportunity of exploring more tools that might look so simple but could potentially save you a tons of time and effort during the graphic design process. BUT don’t worry, as it is pretty common for a newbie to get into the troubles like these.

In this MasterClass, we will understand how some very simple tools can be used in a different way to perform a task that is rather unique than what they are typically used for. We will go through each and every tool in detail, from Start to Finish. We will discuss about their basic and advanced functions, hidden features and Tips ‘n’ Tricks with proper explanation.




Illustrator CC 2020-21: Drawing & Reshaping tools Complete Masterclass

Basic Elements of a Vector Drawing

Types of Anchor Points

Bézier Curves and their types

Animated Representation of Illustrator’s curve generating Algorithm

The Display options

Getting started with the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool: Eliminating the Handles

The Pen Tool: Manipulating the Handles

The Pen Tool: Cubic Curves and a comparison between Cubic & Quadratic Curves

The Pen Tool: Adding and Removing the Anchor Points

Adding Anchor Points right in the middle of a segment

The Pen Tool: Tips ‘n’ Tricks and Cursors

The Pen Tool: Guides and Assignments

The Direct Selection Tool

The Curvature Tool – Drawing and Reshaping

The Curvature Tool – A Hidden Gem / Feature

The Anchor Point Tool and the Constraints

The (Magical) Reshape Tool

The Reshape and the Direct Selection tool – A Great Combo

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Shape Tools Drawings vs Pen Tool Drawings – The Difference

Converting Path Objects into Shapes and vice versa

The Rounded Rectangle Tool

The Corner Widgets – Complete Explanation

The Ellipse Tool + A handy Tip

The Polygon tool

The Spiral tool

The Arc and the Line Segment Tool

The Rectangular and Polar Grids

The Star tool

Shapes Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Designing the Icons with the Shape tools

Working with The Pencil Tool

Using the Pencil as a Reshaping and Merging tool

Working with The Shaper Tool, Shaper Groups and the Gaps

The Brushes Panel

Difference between the Paint Brush and the Blob Brush

The Calligraphic Brush

Adding Variation to the Brushes

The Scatter Brush

The Art Brush

The Bristle Brush

The Pattern Brush – Tiling Problem and its Solution

The Pattern Brush – Tiles alignment methods explained

Brushes Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Working with Colorization Methods – Tints

Colorization Methods – Tints and Shades

Colorization Methods – The Mystery of the Hue Shift