HTML CSS Bootstrap JavaScript JQuery Web Development Responsive mobile first

What you will learn

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery step by step


In this course you will learn the fundamentals of building a modern mobile-first responsive website. You will understand how HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used to construct a web page. You will learn how to build mobile-first responsive pages with the Bootstrap framework. This course will introduce to one of the most popular JavaScript libraries called jQuery.

The course doesn’t expect you to have any knowledge in any of the technologies. You will start with a blank page, understand how an HTML page is constructed with different elements, how styling is applied with Cascading Stylesheet and how the page is made interactive with JavaScript and jQuery step-by-step.

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You will also understand how to get up and running with a local web development environment using Visual Studio Code and Live Server.




Why HTML, CSS, JavaScript?

HTML , CSS and JavScript – Hello World

HTML Hello World
CSS Hello World
JavaScript Hello World
Online code editor
Visula Studio Code IDE & Live Server

HTML, CSS – Getting started

HTML Elements, Attributes, DOM and validator
CSS Rules
More ways to apply style
Flexible layout
Adding Header and Footer

JavaScript – Getting started

JavaScript language basics
Interactive web page with JavaScript
Having a separate script file
Debugging JavaScript
JavaScript Variable type & operation
Changing style with JavaScript
JavaScript Loops – for, while and forEach
JavaScript IF loop and Ternary operator

Responsive mobile-first pages with Bootstrap

Bootstrap introduction
Bootstrap Hello World
Styling table with Bootstrap
Styling image with Bootstrap
Building a responsive grid layout with Bootstrap
Mobile-first design with breakpoints

CSS with jQuery

jQuery Hello World
Applying styling with jQuery


Where to go from here?