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Pesach Survival Strategies for the Jewish Mother, from a Jewish ADHD Coach, who has ADHD, and Mother of 5 ADHD children

What you will learn

Proven methods to motivate yourself

Easy ways to stay focused and grounded, despite the intense deadlines and pressure of this time period

Understand how your brain’s executive function development may be causing you to feel overwhelmed and stressed

Learn the skill how to “see” as concrete and real and be able to plan backwards from a point in the future to the present moment

How to keep your mind focused on the many areas of your life

Proven research based methods hwo to create more time for yourself in the lead-up to Pesach

Time management strategies to get more done with calm, in the weeks leading to Pesach

Learn how to feel energised and ready for the summer when Pesach is over. Yes this is very easy when you know how to do it!


The Jewish festival of Pesach, (Passover) occurs every year in the Spring.

It is one of the most beautiful and meaningful Jewish festivals.

For the Jewish woman, the 6-8 weeks leading up  to Pesach can be one of the most stressful times in the Jewish calendar.  The organising, cleaning and shopping  and cooking for the holiday can be totally overwhelming for the best of women.

If you are a woman with ADHD, this time of year can be a  nightmare. If you have an ADHD child then this time of year can be a triple nightmare.

If preparing for Pesach is making you so exhausted, physically and emotionally that it takes you until nearly Shavuos (the next Jewish holiday on the calendar) to recover then this is a signs that it is time for you to upgrade your current skills to match your life situation.

That is all!

You are NOT lazy, less capable, stupide useless or hopeless. Fill in the blanks. Your arsenal of skills just needs to be upgraded.

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Preparing for Pesach doesn’t have to be a  yearly Punishment. You can turn your Pesach preparations  into your personal yearly Paradise. With simple ADHD focused tools you will learn how to approach Pesach with calm, focus and energy. You just need to upgrade some skills to help you to do so.

Preparing for Pesach is almost like a full-time job. How do you juggle this with your regular duties? If you have a job, or other commitments, how do you manage it all with calm and focus? The tools that I will share with you will help you to regain your life balance.

The late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the UK used to say, “Wisdom is free, yet it is the most expensive commodity in the world.”

I have struggled with ADHD my entire life. Plus I have 5 ADHD children. Life has not been a bed of roses. I have not given up. Even when I was told by many professionals who should have known better that the answers that I was looking for didnt exist!

I have searched long and hard to find the tools to help me manage my ADHD. This has been a most difficult and painful journey.  I didn’t give up until I found those answers. I have found those tools. I now share them with you.

Do you believe that you deserve a better life?

Do you believe that you are worthy enough to invest in yourself?

In this course I share with you some of my best kept ADHD tools that  have helped me personally,  and have helped my Jewish ADHD clients. I live with these tools the entire year not only for Pesach.

You will learn:

  • How to make a simple plan and stick to it
  • How to start, stay on task and finish on time!
  • How to continue to run your home, even as you are preparing for Pesach
  • How to create more time for yourself, even during the hectic and busy pre-Pesach season

There are clear and practical downloadable pdfs and visual posters to clarify the main tools and remove your stress in preparing for Pesach. Upon completion of the course you will receive  your FREE editable Pesach master order food shopping list that will make preparing for Pesach so easy.

You really can turn  your Pesach Preparations from Punishment to Paradise.

I can’t wait to meet you inside the course!

X Faigy:):)



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