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Learning to improve our Memory Power, Smart Studying Techniques, Study for Longer Periods and Concentrate on studies.

What you will learn

How to memorize

How to focus on studies

How to study effectively

How to read smartly

Exam Tips


Each and every person has each and every unique ability. Some are born to make history in cricket, some are born to write theorems some are journalist. Scientifically we all people are born with special abilities. If someone tells you that you are born as a fool. It is the biggest lie ever. Because, we may fail in math but may draw an art which could be sold for 1 Million $. “Anyone can learn anything” is not a myth. It depends on how much we are involved in that. A great example for this was taught by my favorite lecturer, He said “if we put a common man into the room with only a piano he will return after 5 months as an expert pianist. He doesn’t have any other choices to spent his time. so that he could try further and further and become an expert”. Basically, our brain has billions of cells at each portion of the brain part is capable of handling some specific knowledge. So if the person is playing piano again and again his brain cells will work repetitively. So that those neurons will be very active and efficient. Don’t wait. Just start doing what you want to do.

Here, I have techniques to memorize, study smartly, study for longer periods, effective study, increase our concentration power and finally tips for exams. After this lecture is completed you know the tricks and tips to become a great student. You will have interest in studies if you follow the methods. Studying is the most interesting and easy thing in the world. In this lecture series there are several kinds of activities related to the subjects. You can involve in them and gain more practical knowledge rather than only a theory class. There are also interesting study materials to work on these techniques for you to download. The apps links are provided for you to download and practice. In the concentration study material you can download the image file and print it and stick that in your wall to increase the concentration power. The templates given in the lecture materials can also be helpful for you to practice the tricks.




How to study better, faster and smarter


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Increase Memory Power

Smart Reading Technique

Study for Longer Period

Mind Maps

Feynman Technique to Study Effectively

Increase our Concentration Power

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