Application process, top destinations, challenges, myths, stories, and more!


Want to study abroad in the US or other English-speaking countries?

This course is a comprehensive walk-through for students curious about the study abroad experience and how to enroll at an international university. Students will be introduced to the steps in the admissions application process and also learn about a variety of different academic programs around the world. Each country and program has their own special selling points and opportunities. In order to study abroad, programs have unique application requirements and expectations. In addition to learning about difference academic paths, students will be briefed about various challenges as well as tips for making the most out of their study abroad experience.

The course content includes the following topics:

Types of programs
Community colleges, undergraduate, graduate, ESL, short-term, and online programs

Top destinations
The US, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia, and more

Application process
Types of application processes, application steps, what they’re looking for, and what happens after you apply

Financial aid
Learn about the funding options available

Visa application
Learn the steps for getting a visa

Student life
Orientation, curriculum, housing, social life, study skills, mental health, and cultural differences

What’s hard about studying abroad?

Find out if what you’ve heard about studying abroad is true.

Student stories
Hear stories from current and past international students






Section 2: Academic Programs

Academic Programs: Overview

Academic Programs: Community College

Community College Quiz

Academic Programs: Undergraduate Part 1

Undergraduate Part 1 Quiz

Academic Programs: Undergraduate Part 2

Undergraduate Part 2 Quiz

Academic Programs: Graduate

Graduate Quiz

Academic Programs: English Language Part 1

Academic Programs: English Language Part 2

English language Quiz

Academic Programs: Short-term and Online

Short-term and Online quiz

Academic Programs: Recap

Top Destinations for Studying in English

Top Destinations: Part 1

Top Destinations: Part 1 Quiz

Top Destinations: Part 2

Top Destinations: Part 2 Quiz

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Application Process

Application Process Step 1: Researching College Programs

Application Process Step 1 Quiz

Application Process Step 2: The University Application

Application Process Step 2 Quiz

Application Process Step 2: The University Application, Continued

Application Process Step 2 Continued Quiz

Application Process Step 3: Acceptances, Waitlist, & Deferral

Application Process Step 3 Quiz

Application Process Step 4: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Application Process Step 4: Financial Aid & Scholarships Quiz

Application Process Step 5: Apply for a Visa

Application Process Step 5 Quiz

Application Process Step 6: Prepare Documents for Your Departure

Application Process: Step 6 Quiz

Student Life

Student Life

Student Life Quiz




Common Myths & Misconceptions: Part 1

Common Myths & Misconceptions: Part 2

Common Myths & Misconceptions: Part 3

Common Myths & Misconceptions: Part 4

Student Testimonials

William from South Korea

Ana from Brazil

Nita from Malawi

Atasi from Syria

Imane from Morocco

Tijana from Serbia

Shivan from Iraqi Kurdistan