Start Your Child’s Financial Education at an Early Age and Prepare them for the New Economy

What you will learn

the status of financial education in the world

where you are now in terms of financial education and what are the possible financial goals you can achieve

the 7 steps in planning the financial education journey of your children


Have you ever wished that you can time travel?

Unfortunately, the bad news is you can’t.

What would it be like if you had FINANCIAL LITERACY when you were young?

Would you have made your life decisions differently?

Our times have changed and we are now experiencing a NEW ECONOMY.

The people who thrived during the pandemic are the ones who have a high level of financial literacy.

Wouldn’t your kids be better off than his peers if he/she LEARN THE BASICS IN FINANCIAL EDUCATION in addition to his traditional education?

Today,  DO NOT let your kids MISS OUT on this golden opportunity.

Since we can’t time travel, TODAY is the best time for kids and teens to learn.

In this course, I will share my  20 years of experience as a specialist in child development and 10 years of experience in financial education and I will share my knowledge using the 7 Developmental Stages of Financial Literacy that I created in teaching the basics of financial education not only to my son and typical teens but to my patients with developmental disabilities as well.

You will DISCOVER the STATUS OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION in the world and how you measure up.

By the end of the course, the students will be able to map out their own personalized financial education roadmap as well as their children’s financial education journey.

They will have an idea of their starting point as well as their own personal financial end goal

I will be sharing my book on “How to Raise Money-Smart Kids” with my students to guide them in teaching their kids the basics of financial education. 

There will be continuing support for the students in the form of a Facebook Group known as Money-Smart Families where they will have access to like-minded people who value teaching financial education at an early age.

So take a look inside the course and I hope to see you there. 

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Overview of the Course

Overview of the Course

How I started My Financial Education Journey

When Did I start my Financial Education Journey

The Status of Financial Education in the World

Status of Financial Literacy in the World

Financial Literacy in South East Asia

Financial Literacy Studies and Financial Technology

The Status of Financial Education in the Philippines

Learn from My Financial Education Journey

Financial Literacy for My Son, My Patients and Me

Teaching Digital Natives with Our Analog Brains

The 7 Steps in Planning Your Financial Education Journey

The 7 Developmental Stages of Financial Literacy

What Can You Do Next?

Bonus Section

How to Be a Money-Smart Parent and Raise a Money-Smart Kid E-Book

5 Types of People In Terms of Time and Money

Facebook Group