The “pengest” course out there! Learn why “last night’s party was lit” and what it means to “slide into the DM’s”.

What you will learn

Confidently understand Hip Hop vocabulary, phrases and grammar.

Gain more fluency in conversation in English.

Make friends and interact with people who are also passionate about Hip Hop and Urban culture.

Understand culture more and expand your horizons.

Connect better with people from different backgrounds/explore new perspectives hidden in language.


Do you love Hip hop or urban culture? Do you want to communicate, make like minded friends and understand the culture?

You’ve came to the right place as this unique course will introduce you to the world of Hip Hop and urban English (The dialect of English used in Hip Hop music and within urban communities).

  • Explore phrases, idioms, new vocabulary and even the grammar differences between standard English and Hip Hop English.
  • Gain cultural insights into the world of Hip Hop.
  • Learn how to make friends with similar music tastes and how to greet people in Hip Hop influenced environments.
  • Easy to understand explanations with multiple examples.
  • I’ve even included a Hip Hop and urban music list to help you on your way to exploring new and interesting genres! 

This course will allow you to explore and understand an area of English that is incredibly common in modern pop culture, yet often ignored in the classroom. Within a couple weeks of practice you will be able to easily navigate urban T.V shows, movies and most importantly (in my humble opinion) music. Even if you do not typically listen to hip-hop or urban music this course will help you relate with people from other cultures and perhaps connect with someone totally unexpected 🙂

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to begin your Hip Hop English journey!




Describing things – Peng, lit and more!

Lecture preview “Fam last night was lit!”

Section 1 – “Bruv she’s peng!”

Verbs and doing phrases – Finna, to curve and more!

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Lecture preview – Don’t be too “thirsty” when you slide in the DM’s!!!

“I wasn’t feelin him so I curved him”

Personal pronouns and more!

“Yo G where are the mandem?”

Important nouns and more!

“In a German whip”

Greetings and goodbyes

Greetings and goodbyes

A little grammar, phrasal verbs and more!

Phrasal verbs and important phrases

Bonus grammar

Thank you for watching!