The contortion posture of Hermit Dutton is used to relieve aches and pains when being alone. and enhance meditation

What you will learn

To relieve fatigue from sitting, standing, lifting for a long time

Relieve aches and pains in the arms, legs, backs due to daily work

It’s a practice of focusing on our own body. to be in the correct position It increases the concentration along with the movement together.

make the practitioner’s body agile More flexible without bending over or stretching the tendons too much.


Hermit’s contortion posture has a large principle from hermit who is ordained. Seek peace, focus, keep the precepts, body, speech, and be calm. In practice, there is often sitting in one position for many hours in a row. When the body has to stay in one position for a long time, it will cause pain until it is unable to perform normal activities. and still alone without help with a touch massage Therefore, they must practice self-treatment for those painful symptoms.

and in making various gestures to relieve the pain There will be breathing exercises in and out. together with stretching and bringing together the knowledge of massage  Hermit therapy  Therefore, there are breath control, bending, pressing, massage in various points of the body as well.

and for new beginners  The principle of breathing should be inhaled, belly inflated, exhaled, belly flattened, keeping the inhalation and exhalation time equal.  and gradually practice breathing slowly  And it can last longer than a short breath.

When we are able to recognize and do the correct gestures.  came to enter the details  such as holding your breath still  not to flow in  Outflow of air in the body, it will create concentration.  and increase the capacity of the lungs to hold more air  But there is a caveat that  If the trainee has problems with high blood pressure.  in breathing exercises  will be done without any inconvenience  may cause blackouts  or faint, therefore, the practice of holding the wind, holding the wind together  must be practiced little by little  Gradually increase the time to hold the wind little by little.  Don’t be in a rush to hold your breath for a long time during your new training session.  It will solve this problem as well.

And in the training at level 1, this will be the foundation of breathing, sitting in different ways to provide stability while practicing.  and will allow the flow of energy to be correct  and continue with the first exercise  that can be easily followed  not very complicated  The heart of this practice is  Mindfulness is defined by breathing.  regularly and bending gestures together at the same time




Advice before training

Instructions before entering the training

Preparation before training and exercise



sitting level 1 khad samart 1 chun

sitting level 2 khad samart 2 chun

sitting level 3 khad samarthipeth

sitting Theppanom

sitting Nung raab

sitting Phubpeab


breathing level 1

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Breathing level 2

Breathing level 3

training posture

Dudton gae Lom nai khan relief arm pain

Dudton gae geat relief of body discomfort

Dudton gae lom poud srisa relief of headache

Dudton gae seamha relief of throat sputum

Dudton gae lom pagung relief migraine

Dudton gae lom mahabattayak relief muscle of waist and back

Dudton gae lom nai koa relief neck pain

Dudton gae lom nai lueng relief wata causing dysuria

Dudton gae lom aunta relief testicle pain

Dudton gae oak relief chest pain

Dudton gae toakhud relief of foot pain

Dudton gae lom eaw relief abdominal and waist pain

Dudton gae lom juk sead relief gas in stomach

Dudton gae poudtong gae sabugjom relief scapular discomfort

Dudton gae lon nai eaw relief chest and waist pain

Dudton gae koaw khud relief knee pain

Dudton gae sen mahasanuk rangub relief drowsiness and unconsciousness

Dudton gae glon relief scrotal swelling and distention abdomen

Dudton gae roke nai oak relief chest trouble to cough