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Learn the art of dying the brow hairs and skin semi-permanently

What you will learn

Henna tinting for brows

How to create a beautiful brow shape with henna dye

How to add onto your beauty treatments

How to start a new or side line business


What is Henna Brow Tinting?

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs, as well as the brow hairs themselves. The purpose of this is to cast a shadows or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness. Henna is a natural dye made from a plant known as Hina or the Henna tree.

Brow Henna is available in various shades, from light to dark brown. Take a good look at which colour suits your customer and discuss the wishes very well. It is difficult to determine exactly in advance how a colour will develop. This dependents on skin type. For that reason, it’s better not to go too dark the first time. Repeat the process rather than having a disgruntleed customer who finds her eyebrows too dark. You can slightly soften the colour with Tint Remover. But remember that Brow Henna has just been developed for a long-lasting result, so you do not brush it off easily.

Light Brown: dark ash blonde/brown, cooler and darker than blonde. Perfect for medium skin and blonde to dark-blonde eyebrows.

Dark Brown: an intense cool colour. Especially for the tinted dark skin tone. And anyone who loves dark eyebrows!

Black: an intense cool colour. Only for use on dark skin tone. And anyone who loves very dark eyebrows!

Who can benefit from Henna Brows?

  • Clients who participate in sports (particular swimming)
  • Clients who have sensitivity to make up
  • Those who find the daily make up ritual too time consuming
  • Clients with very fine brows
  • Some who simply want to enhance their looks

What does a typical Henna Brow session involve?

Normal eyebrow tinting just colours the brow hair, but Henna enhances both the hair & skin. Henna Brow is a fantastic service to add to your brow threading, brow lifting & as a progression from brow tinting. It is recommended for all most types, lasts weeks, is painless, and requires no downtime.




Introduction To Henna Tinting

Hello And Welcome

What Is Henna Brow Tinting

The Difference Between Brow Tint and Henna Tint

Does Henna Tint Fade?

So Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Henna Brows

Before We Get Started

Need To Know

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Contraindications To Henna Brows

What Is Patch Testing And Why It’s So Important

The Importance Of Consent Forms

The Importance Of A Client Consultation

Lets Prepare


A Henna Brow Consultation

The Importance Of Brow Mapping

Tools For Brow Mapping

Brow Mapping Procedure

Application And Aftercare

Hands On

Choosing The Right Henna Colour

How To Apply Henna Tint

Aftercare To A Henna Brow Tint


And Finally

Salon Professionalism

Taking Great Pictures To Promote Your Work

Marketing And Business Ideas