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Saving Time on Progress Note

Certificate of Completion

Pre-Typed Progress Note

Evidence-Based Material

4 Sessions Worth of Material

Relevant Counseling Information

Activities To Help With Trauma

Resources To Support Trauma

Knowledge Checks


Welcome to this E-Course! In this Psycho-educational E-Course, you will have access to relevant topics and content that will allow you to be more present and prepared for your therapy appointments. Each E-course outlines a particular subject topic in mental health and gives you and your client a basic understanding and definition of this topic. Furthermore, there will be simple activities, exercises, references and resources related to each respective topic.

Each course contains about +4 sessions worth of material to cover about a month’s period of time. Even better, each session has a pre-recorded D.A.P Note that you are able to copy and edit to your satisfaction and reflection of ethical treatment standards. Moreover, you can use them with multiple clients as long as you working with that particular issue. These courses are intended for home-based therapists and mental health professionals of all kinds. Also, you will have a Certificate of Completion to award your clients after you cover e-course material!

Whether you work in private-practice, community agency and/or residential settings or if you are an LCSW, LPC, LMHC, or an intern, you can benefit from this course. The purpose of this course is to help make you more efficient with recording clinical notes and save you time. Welcome to “Counseling Made Easy” with Mark Nathaniel Skelton!




Introduction to Course


Meet the Instructor

Quick Win

In This Course

Module B: Session 1 – Understanding Psychological and Emotional Trauma

Ground Rules

Session 1: What is Psychological & Emotional Trauma?

Session 1: Facts & Statistics About Trauma

Session 1: Examples & Causes of Trauma

Session 1: Knowledge Check

Session 1: Activity

Session 1: Pre-recorded and Editable D.A.P. Note Template

Session 1: References and Resources

Module C : Session 2- Different Categories of Trauma

Ground Rules

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Session 2: Did You Know?

Session 2: Categories of Trauma

Session 2: Signs & Symptoms of Trauma

Session 2: Knowledge Check

Session 2: Activity

Session 2: Pre-recorded and Editable D.A.P. Note Template

Session 2: References and Resources

Module D: Session 3-Trauma and the Brain

Ground Rules

Session 3: Neuroscience and the Brain

Session 3: Three Major Areas of the Brain

Session 3: Understanding the Effects of Trauma

Session 3: Knowledge Check

Session 3: Activity

Session 3: Pre-recorded and Editable D.A.P. Note Template

Session 3: References and Resources

Module F: Session 4- Treatment for Trauma

Ground Rules

Session 4: Trauma Recovery & Self-Regulation

Session 4: Self-Care Practices

Session 4: Seeking Professional Therapy

Session 4: Knowledge Check

Session 4: Activity

Session 4: Pre-recorded and Editable D.A.P. Note Template

Session 4: References and Resources


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