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Everything you need to know about GoPro action cameras: Shooting videos, photos, timelapses, as well as editing

What you will learn

How to confidently shoot and edit videos, photos and timelapses from GoPros

Understand the external features of the cameras

Tips and tricks when shooting woth GoPros

The best accessories to pair those cameras with


Hello everyone and welcome to this course! My name is Lambros and I am a fourth-year medical student and part-time filmmaker.

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During the past five years in the filmmaking field I have found myself shooting with GoPros for as long as I can remember and taking them with me in every shooting that I have been to. Although GoPros are easily perated by anyone, only a small percentage of people actually engage deeper with them and unlock their full potential. This is what we we will go through this course.

This course will introduce you to the best settings and modes for every situation. You will also learn about GoPro mounting, photography, videography and video editing

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So in this course we are going to dive into everything that a beginner is going to need in order to understand and mastered those cameras. We’re going to start by analizing the external features of Gopros, then we’re gonna move into the software and different filming modes the those cameras are capable of shooting, after that I’m gonna share my personal experience in each one of those modes, and finally we’re going to grab our gear charger cameras and go out to shoot a sequence.

Then we’re going to import the footage into our computers and produce an edit.

By the end of this lesson you will be confident with your go pros, and armed with knowledge to tackle any filming scenario from now on.




Class Project

The Hardware and Software

External Features
Software – Photos
Software – Videos
Software – Timelapse

Shooting with your GoPro

Shooting Video
Shooting Photographs
Shooting Timelapses

Accessories and other Tips

Field Notes

Real time shooting and editing

Shooting with your GoPro
Editing with your GoPro

Thank you note

Thank you note