Start creating forms like feedback form, survey, quiz, appointment and more with our easy to follow guide

What you will learn

Using Google forms


WebForms provide true power to establish a relationship with people on the internet.

It is an important tool for any business.

Earlier we need to use programming languages to create a form and a database to store the responses.

But, due to this amazing app from Google called Google forms everyone can create any kind of form without any programming knowledge, without maintaining a database and that too for free.

I will teach you about creating different forms using this app in the course.

We will create forms for Feedback, for a Photo competition, polls, Surveys, quiz and more.

I will also show you how to display the reviews and ratings received from a form directly on your website.

This course is very different from any other course because here you will learn everything by doing. Instead of just discussing the features I will explain step by step procedure of creating different forms. This course is literally the easiest and fastest way to become a master in using Google forms.

Hence, to become a master, you have to just click that enrol button and complete this course.






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Solution to the Challenge

How to copy questions, sections and images

How to use Titles


Feedback form

Dividing the feedback form into two parts

Conduct College Elections

Creating a Quiz

Conduct a Photo competition

Survey Form

Appointment Booking


Create a page for Summary and Charts

Form Director