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If you just bought a DSLR, a mirrorless or just a point and shoot camera, and are wondering what the next step should be, enrol in the most comprehensive course to learn the basics and fundamentals of photography with World Photographers Club.

Learn everything about your camera, which lenses are good for you, basic concepts like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focal length, and more, and see how they affect your photography. Learn to compose like professionals and create the most amazing photos that stand out from the crowd and get you more attention.

Learn what is light, what are different types of light and how to use them. There are 3 actual shoot examples with a live model and with the use of an entry-level camera we have shown how with the use of simple techniques you can create some amazing images with proper light and exposure in any condition?

This course is made for everyone. Everyone who has an interest in photography. This course covers fundamental concepts about photography that can be applied to DSLRs, Mirrorless or even a Mobile Camera. So, whatever camera you use, whichever photography genre you are interested in and whatever your level is in photography there is something for everyone.

Enrol Now in the most comprehensive photography course for beginners.


Oscar26 July 2021

It is a very well explained course. Have a lot of interesting information, and the structure of the information itΒ΄s appropiate. Kudos on the instructor.

Jaime16 July 2021

Thankyou ! Please improve your certificate, input your signature, because other agencies did not accept this kind of certificate without signature of instructor

Shruti15 July 2021

The course was just perfectly put together. I knew a little bit about my camera and photography but the guy did an awesome job explaining the basics filled with experience.
Really enjoyed the course.

Arnav15 July 2021

The attention to even minor details being covered for a beginner is just amazing. As we don’t find these anywhere else.

Rahul15 July 2021

The course content is based on quite old technology. I have a Sony Mirrorless camera and was hoping it would have content covering the newer tech.

Erwin14 July 2021

kursus yang sangat menyenangkan mengenai pengetahuan fotografi secara ringkas padat . mantap sekali instruktur kami sangat senang. trimakasih salam sukses selalu






Camera & Equipment

Know Your Camera Nikon

Know Your Camera Canon

Know Your Camera Olympus

How a DSLR Work?

DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

Types of Lenses

On-Camera Flash

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Types of Sensors

Photography Fundamentals

What is Shutter Speed and How to Use it?

What is Aperture and How to Use it?

What is ISO and Why it matters?

Exposure Triangle and Exposure Value Compensation

White Balance

Focal Length

Auto Focus/Manual Focus

File Types and RAW vs. JPEG




What is a good photograph?

What to Include in Your Photos?

Composition Rules

Basics of Light

What is Hard, Soft, Diffused and Specular Light?

How to Shoot With Natural Light in Shade?

How to Use Natural Light From Windows?

How to Shoot Indoors in Incandescent and White light?