Become a Better Storyteller & Learn Everything About FCP X

What you will learn

Final Cut Pro X


Content Creation



Don’t have Final Cut?  Apple is offering a 90 day free trial of the software now!!

This course is designed to do more than introduce you to FCP X. It was created to give you an in depth look at all the power Final Cut has to offer. You will go beyond the drag and drop method of editing and really get into the different tools you can use to fine-tune your edit.  You will learn slipping, sliding, trimming, ‘L’ and ‘J’ cuts, and much more. This is a Master Class in the editing tools found in Final Cut and how to use them to enhance your storytelling.

This course comes with a full set of practice footage!

I’ve included over 80 clips that were shot for a short film called “Dales’ Date.” Throughout this course you’ll create a rough cut of Dale’s story based on a short script, then you’ll revisit that rough-cut as you learn to apply filters, effects, transitions and even color grades. You will learn about audio and video filters and effects, editing (and shooting) green screen footage, using markers, color correction, multi-cam editing & more!

Storytelling with video can be very satisfying and rewarding...IF you can get past the frustration of learning new software. This course aims to help you, not only feel comfortable with FCP X, but to command it. Make it work for you!

Learning keyboard shortcuts, and the tools that make the editing process faster and easier will help you spend more time with the creative side of content creation and storytelling.




Course Introduction


FCP X Tip Sheet

FCP X 30 day Trial Link

Practice Files and Script

FCP X Refresher

FCP X Refresher

Media Management

Library and Event Management

Importing Options

Generated Content and Render Files

The Editing Process



Navigating with J,K, & L

Using ‘J’ and ‘L’ Cuts

The Other Tools; Blade, Trim, Zoom, Etc.

Connected Clips and Secondary Storylines

What Should I Put on that Primary Storyline?

Working in Passes

Your Turn!

Editing Techniques



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The Power of Markers

Edit to the Beat

Nesting and Compound Clips

Keyframes, Glorious Keyframes

Everything Audio

Audio Settings

Basic Volume Adjustments

Audio Equalizer “EQ”

Adding Filters & Effects to Audio

Syncing HQ Audio to Video

Video Effects and Filters

Basic Transform

Basic Cropping


Adding Transitions to Multiple Clips

Video Filters and Effects

Time Shifting- Slow-motion and Hyperlapse

Editing Multiple Clips Simultaneously

Multicam Editing

Proxy and Optimized Media

Multicam Setup

Multicam Editing

Color Correction

Color Correction Setup

Color Corrections

Color Grading

Sharing and Exporting

Sharing Options Setup

Exporting a Still Image

Exporting Master Files

Export for the Web

Export for a DVD

Course Wrap-up

Course Conclusion