This basic leadership training for women is perfect for starters to navigate the main challenges in the new role.

What you will learn

You will get a first overview: “what is actually expected from me as a manager?”

You will understand the initial challenges of leadership

You will identify your very own development fields

You will draft a personal development plan for first month of leadership

You will be ready to rumble!



You were recently promoted and are now stepping into a new leadership role for the first time. It is an exciting time.

Your new team and your manager have expectations towards you. You yourself want to be a modern, authentic leader and do things better than others. Taking a training is a good first step.

This straightforward training is for everyone in their first supervisor, manager or leadership role.

After the training you have clarity what is expected from you and you find it much easier to navigate your first weeks in the new role.

We will talk about how it is different to

  • Take care of people instead of tasks.
  • What is expected around Meetings, Feedback and Decisionmaking from you,
  • What resources and goals should mean to you from now on and
  • How ultimately you can take good care of yourself.

Because… Leading people is rewarding, but can cost you quite some energy, we will make sure you don’t forget yourself.

You will learn to set priorities in the first weeks of your new assignment and this training will enable you to draft a personal, 30 day kickoff plan for your new role.

I am Sonja Hild, leading teams for almost 20 years and currently I’m heading an organization of 300 great team members. In my career I made a fair share of mistakes and if you want to make different ones, then I am ready to share my learnings with you. Let’s go!




Congratulations to your promotion!

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Promote Yourself: From “Task” to “People”

The Biggest Change

Ensure Resources and Fair Workload Distribution

Give Context and Purpose to Your Team

The “Leader’s Arena”: Meetings and Feedback

Lead Productive Meetings

Give Feedback and Support the Growth of Your Team

Find Your Own Leadership Style

Give Your Team the Room to Breathe: Empower Decisionmaking

Take Care of Yourself! Find the Right Balance

Your Turn: Kick Off Your Leadership Career

Your Turn: Your Thirty Day Plan to Kick Off Your Career

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