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Complete Excel Mastery With Latest Updates 2021, Master Basics, Functions, Formulae, Charts, Data Analysis & Much More!!

What you will learn

Master Excel From Scratch From Beginner To Advanced Levels Having 5 Levels Of Proficiency

Impress Your Boss And Peers By Unleashing The True Power Of Excel

Be Proficient In Working With Formulas And Functions In Excel

Create Mind Blowing Charts, Visualization Features & Integrate Them Into Your Worksheet

Efficiently Analyze And Manage Excel Data : Implement Conditional Analysis, Pivot tables , Data Validation Techniques Seamlessly

Tap Into In Depth Features Of Power Query , Power Pivot : Generate Robust Reporting Solutions

Have Full Access To An Excel Trainer with over 15 years of experience


You can learn and practice Microsoft Excel Latest Version For Free !!

No need to spend a penny for buying any software …

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Check the free preview of first video of my course which shows you on how to do it in under 5 minutes.

I have structured the course into 5 levels which will make you an Expert in Ms-Excel in No Time.

Hearty Congratulations If You Have Come Till Here .

You have already taken a small but crucial and important step to Master Ms-Excel.

Here is a Gist what all you will benefit from in this course:

  • Mastering Excel Worksheet Operations and Templates
  • Customizing User Interface Experience for Ms-Excel
  • Mastering Ms-Excel Formulae for Mathematical, Textual, Conditional Analysis, Financial Analysis. Statistical Analysis purposes
  • Mastering Basic to Advanced Ms-Excel Charting Techniques with Custom Visualizations
  • Mastering Data Analysis using Tools like Pivot Tables , What-If Analysis, Goal Seeking, Solver , Analysis ToolPak and Much More
  • Mastering Power Pivot ,Power Query and working directly with Internal Data Model

In addition to above I shall solve your every query and also add any additional material if you request it !!..

So what are you waiting for ?

Also You Will Get a Certificate Upon Course Completion And ..

You Have 30-day Money Back Guarantee And

Life-Time Access And

You Can Access This Course Anywhere On Mobile & T.V.
Enroll Right Away and Transform Yourself from an Excel Beginner to Excel Master !!

I Am Eager to Meet You Inside The Course




Level 1 : Warming Up With Excel Basics

Getting Started With Excel Latest Version For Free !!

Basic Introduction

Excel Basic Introduction

Basic Data Entry And Editing

Basic Data Entry And Editing

Worksheet Operation Basics

Worksheet operation Basics

Ranges And Tables Operations

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Ranges and Tables Operations

Worksheet Formatting

Workbooks And Templates

Handling Print Functions

User Interface Customization

Level 2 : Mastering Excel Formulae & Functions

Introduction To Formulae And Functions

Useful Formulae For Mathematical Operations

Useful Formulae For Text Manipulation

Dates And Times Specific Functions

Conditional Analysis Formulae

Matching And Lookups Formulae

Financial Analysis Formulae

Statistical Analysis Formulae

Conditional Formatting Of Tables

Array Formulae

Level 3 : Master Excel Charts and Visualization Techniques

Excel Chart Creation and Advanced Charting Tricks

Sparkline Visualization Methods

Custom Visualization Techniques

Level 4 : Master Data Analysis And Management

Data Import and Data Cleaning techniques

Excel Data Validation Techniques

Excel Outline Feature

Excel Linking And Consolidation Features

Excel Pivot Table Feature

Excel What If Analysis, Scenario Manager , Goal Seeking, Solver Features

Excel Analysis ToolPak

Level 5 : Mastering Power Pivot And Power Query

Excel Power Pivot

Excel Power Query