Take piano chording to the next level – learn how inversions will make your playing more musical and interesting.

What you will learn

Take ordinary piano chords and use inversions to make them much more interesting and fluid.


In our first course, Piano Building Blocks: “Learn the 24 Most Common Chords”, we learned the 24 most common chords – the building blocks of all music. Most popular music can be played using those 24 common chords. 

In time, though, playing only the basic version of each chord can become repetitive or dull. You begin to notice that what you’re playing isn’t as interesting as what you hear professionals play.

Chord inversions are the solution. By rearranging the order of the notes in the chords you play, all of a sudden you open up a huge palette of colors and textures at your disposal. Not only that, but chord inversions make it easier to play smoothly between chord changes, eliminating awkward pauses as you leap from chord to chord. 

Why wait? Sign up now! If you’re not already currently using inversion techniques, they will completely revolutionize your piano playing!

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* Piano Building Blocks: “Learn the 24 Most Common Chords”  – This foundational course explains standard major and minor piano chords in detail, designed with beginners in mind. If you find you don’t understand something in this video, join the “24 Most Common Chords” course and any confusion will clear right up.

* Piano Building Blocks: “Learn Chord Additions & Variations” – This course is full of tricks and tips that go beyond standard major and minor chords. It explains what more unusual chord symbols mean, such as C2, Csus, Cdim., etc. In this course, you’ll learn how to play those chords and incorporate them into your playing more often.

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Inverting More Difficult Chords (Db, Eb, Ab, F#m, G#m, B, Bm, Bb, Bbm, F# & Ebm)

Inverting Valley Chords (Db, Eb, Ab, F#m and G#m)

Inverting Slope Chords (B, Bb, Bm and Bbm)

Inverting the Plateau Chords (F# and Ebm)

Inversion Quiz (on video)

Inversions in the Left Hand

Special Inversion Tips for the Left Hand & “G/B”-Type Symbols Explained

Standard Chord Inversions in the Left Hand

Inversions of Unique Chords from Our Additions & Variations Course

Inverting 2 Chords & Sus Chords

Inverting Dim & Aug Chords

Inverting Chords with More Than Three Notes