The Complete Electronics Course, Analyze & Design Electronic Circuits.

What you will learn

Learn Electronics from Zero to an Advanced Level of Understanding How Electronic Circuits Work.

Understand The physics Behind The Semiconductor Devices And How They Operate.

Starting From Very Basic Concepts From Charge Current Voltage To Power Calculations And Circuit Topology.

Basic Laws & Analysis techniques Ohm’s Law KVL & KCL + Series & Parallel Connections Of Resistors & Equivalent Resistance.

Voltage Division & Current Division.

Advanced Analysis Techniques Mesh Analysis + Super Mesh & Nodal Analysis + Super Node.

Applications Of Electronics.

Semiconductor Structures & Energy Band Diagram.

Understand The Physics Behind The Semiconductor Materials.

Extrinsic And Intrinsic Semiconductors & Carrier Concentrations.

Doping To Create The N-Type & The P-Type Semiconductor Material.

Types Of Currents In the Semiconductor Materials[Drift & Diffusion Currents].

Creating The PN-Junction & Understand The biasing Conditions In The PN-Junction.

Diodes [Ideal & Non Ideal Diodes] Operations(Forward & Reverse Bias) And Characteristics.

Other Type Of Diodes Such As Solar Cell, Photodiode, Light Emitting Diode, Schottky Diode, Zener Diode.

Half Wave Rectifier Circuits.

Full Wave Rectifier Circuits + Different Types Of Full wave Circuits Such As Bridge Rectifier Circuit.

DC Power Supply Diagram And Stages + How It Works + How It Is Made.

Zener Diodes & Regulation Circuits.

DC & AC Analysis Of Diode Circuits.


Clipper Circuits.

Clamper Circuits.

Double Limiter Circuits.

Bipolar Junction Transistors [Structure, Mode Of Operations].

Types Of BJT: NPN & PNP BJT.

Current Voltage Characteristics Of BJT.

MOSFETS [Structure & Mode Of Operations].



Learn Electronics from the Ground up to Advanced Level.

In this course I will explain every thing from the very beginning basics to advanced level and we will solve a lot of problems to make sure you understand every concept about electronics.

In this course we will start from the basic circuits and we will learn different methods for analyzing the circuits.

After that we will dive into semiconductor world and we will study the physics behind the semiconductor materials and how they operate, because semiconductor materials are the basic blocks for building electronics components.

We will study different types of electronics components such as diodes, transistors

We have different types of diodes such as solar cell, photodiode, light emitting diode, schottky diode and zener diodes and much more

Also different types of transistors like BJT, MOSFET and we will study different circuit applications such as clipper and clamper circuits, filtering, voltage regulation circuits and more!

And we will study each electronics component and it’s operation and characteristics.

Then we will study various electronic circuits and different electronic circuit applications such as the power supply and how it works.

And there are a lot of problems and examples solved through out this course to make sure you understand every thing.

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Basic Concepts & Different analysis techniques.

Basic Concepts: Charge, Current & voltage, Circuit Topology.

Power & Energy, Voltage and current sources & Basic Analysis techniques.

Current & Voltage Division, parallel & series connections of the resistors.

Advanced Methods Of Analysis PART 1

Advanced Methods Of Analysis PART 2

Semiconductor materials.

Basic Overview, Basic Concepts & Applications.

Semiconductor Structure & Energy Band Diagram.

Intrinsic Carrier Concentration.

Doping (N-Type & P-Type).

Carriers & Movement Of Carriers + Types Of Current[Drift & Diffusion].

PN Junction & Diodes + Other Types & More.

Creating PN Junction & Voltage Built In.

Biasing Conditions In the PN-Junction.

Diodes & More.

Ideal & Non Ideal Diodes + Halfwave rectification.

DC Analysis & AC Analysis [SuperPosition].

SuperPosition Part 2 + Other Diode Types.

Solving More Examples On Diodes.

Solving More Examples On Diodes Part 2.

Rectifiers Full Wave, Half Wave & Bridge Rectifier.

DC Power Supply & Half Wave Rectifier.

Full Wave Rectifier.

Bridge Rectifier & Filters.

Zener Diodes & Voltage Regulators + Clipper & Clamper Circuits.

Zener Diodes & Voltage Regulators.

Zener Diodes & Voltage Regulators Part 2.


Double Limiter & Clamper Circuits.

Transistors [BJT & MOSFETs] & Characteristics, Structure.

Bipolar Junction Transistor BJT [Structure, Types, Mode Of Operations].

Current Voltage Characteristics For BJT + Modes Of Operations.

Solving More Examples On BJT.

Solving More Examples On BJT PART 2 + INTRO TO MOSFETs.

MOSFET Structure & Types.

Voltage Current Relationship For MOSFET + Solving Examples.