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Welcome to this DSLR Course. If you are new to photography this is the course for you, in this course I will explain how to use a DSLR camera, I will be using the Canon 90D to demonstrate with. You will learn how to operate a DSLR camera like the Canon 90D, you will learn how to adjust all of the settings within the camera, and learn which settings to use for the type of shot you want to create.

You will learn how to balance exposure using the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. I will explain more about these and how to use them to make sure you get the perfect shot every time. I will show you how to adjust your shutter speed to capture moving subjects, and how to use slow shutter speed to get the dreamy blurry effect.

You will learn how to use the depth of field, for example how to adjust your exposure to create a shallow depth of field.

You will learn about the different modes, such as the Aperture Priority Mode, the Manual Mode, and the Shutter Speed Priority Mode, you will also learn about the other modes, and how to customise the modes, and how to use the bulb mode and scene mode.

You will learn about composition in photography and how to use the Rule of thirds.

I will also be adding other videos very soon to show you how to use the flash etc. Once you sign up to this course all of the extra videos I add you will be able to access.

What are you waiting for? Improve your photography and sign up for this course today.



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