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All you need to understand drone components, to become a better UAV drone pilot and to get good at flying drones.

What you will learn

Understand how Do Drones Work

Discover the Different Types of Drones and their Uses

Understand the Anatomy of Drone Components

How to Connect Components

Discover Additional Features

How to Get Started with Drones

Avoid Common Drone Pilot Mistakes


We usually find how to assemble a drone without giving us advices such as how to properly break in the battery before starting, what type and size of frame to use and which are suitable with the motors and propellers, how to choose the flight controller, ESCs, power distribution board and when to use the 4 in 1 ESC or the AIO flight controller.

In this theoretical course, you will discover the world of drones and their rules to better understand the flights you make by learning all the necessary information and details that concern all of these following components:

  • Frames
  • Brushless Motors
  • Propellers
  • LiPo Batteries
  • Electronic Speed Controllers
  • Power Distribution Board
  • Flight Controller
  • RC Transmitter & Receiver
  • Camera & Video Transmitter






Multirotor Drones

Discover all the Basic Components

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Types & Materials

Brushless Motors

How Does a BLDC Work

How to Pick the Right One

Why BLDC and not DC Motor




LiPo Battery

The Exact Role


Charge & Discharge

ESC: Electronic Speed Controller

Inputs & Outputs

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Voltage & Current

Protocols & Firmware

PDB: Power Distribution Board


Main Technical Characteristics


FC: Flight Controller

STM32 Processors

Must-Have Components

FC’s Anatomy

Most Available Firmware

RC Transmitter


Trimming & Headless Mode & RTH

Flight Modes

Most Common Frequencies

RC Receiver

Binding & Failsafe

Communication Protocols

Camera & Video Transmitter

Characteristics of Cameras

VTX Specifications


Quadcopter Wiring Diagram

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