Acrylic painting

What you will learn

How to use a photograph as a reference?

How to observe the colours and block the background?

How to add details to the clouds, trees, mountains ?

How to add reflection and waves in water?

How to complete paint a Dreamy Acrylic Landscape with step by step guidance?


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This is Fathima Aafreen. If you are looking for a class where you wanna learn the basics about painting using acrylic then this is the right place. This course will be beginner friendly. In this class, I have shared a lot of things. From how to use a photograph as a reference to how to create a painting with step by step guidance from me. Once you completed the course you will definitely get the idea about how to use a photograph as a reference, what are all the things you need to observe from a photograph to create a painting, how to make the outline sketch, how to observe the colours from the reference, how to block the background, how to paint from background to fore ground, how to add clouds, how to add details to the mountains, how to add details to the trees in distance, how to add reflection in water, how to add the waves in water , how to add wooden log and few rocks , how to add shadow, mid tone and highlight everything clearly by step by step . You don’t need any prior knowledge to take this class. All you need in set of acrylic paints , a surface to paint , few brushes , water jar and paper towel.






How to use a photograph as a reference?

Materials Required

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How to use a photograph as a reference?

Trials and errors Blocking the background for the Sky

Blocking the Background for the mountain

Blocking the Background for Water

Blocking the Background for the tree trunk and the Rock

Adding clouds

Adding details to the Mountains

Adding details to the Trees

Water reflection and waves in it

Wooden log and few rocks

Final details