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The Ultimate All in one Drawing Course

What you will learn

Technical Drawing Course

Fine Arts theory knowledge

Career opportunities in Arts

Diploma certification


(Contents in this course will be updated on weekly basis).

We have specially designed this course to develop & convert your Art & Creativity into your passion & career.

The course contents are classified into ten modules as follows…

Module 1:- Learn Sketching from scratch.

Module 2:- Freehand sketching techniques.

Module 3:- Career opportunities in Drawing.

Module 4:- Drawing Techniques.

Module 5:- Orthographic Projection Drawings.

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Module 6:- Introduction to perspective Drawing.

Module 7:- Two point perspective Drawing.

Module 8:- The Art of Painting.

Module 9:- Introduction to Micro-station Drawing.

Module 10:- Introduction to Auto-CAD Drawing.

So in this course you will get the versatile & dynamic knowledge of the Fine Arts & Drawing. This course will provide you a professional certificate which will boost your career growth.



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Learn Sketching from Scratch
Learn Sketching from Scratch
Introduction to Drawing
Various parameters in Drawing
Free Hand Sketching
Free Hand Sketching