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Prepare for your DevOps interview with most common questions asked

What you will learn

DevOps tools & architecture

Best Practises of Devops

Automation concepts

Prepare for devops interviews

How to answer frequently asked DevOps interview questions


This course aims to help you prepare for your DevOps interviews.

DevOps is a mix of development (Dev) and operations (Ops). Beyond that, it’s all the connected tools and disciplines of both of those business areas that let an organization deliver services and software applications at high speed, so they can better serve their customers.

In general becoming a DevOps engineer could be a long lasting procedure assuming that you have basic Linux/Windows knowledge, networking skills, undestanding for Active Directory structures, coding and scripting skills. With that said, an interview for a devops position could be extremely complex with questions and scenarios that you have not faced before.

However in this course I try to summarise some of the most popular questions that come around cutting edge devops tools that most of companies require for the devops engineer position like terraform, ansible, automation tools, git and docker.

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In order to land a devops job you should be able to understand systems and development processes. But one of the most important factors to the DevOps career path is a passion for learning, knowledge, and logic.

Based on my personal experience with various companies I have created a set of questions that are frequently asked from engineers and HRΒ departments.

Some of the objectives that you will learn are:

  1. automation concepts
  2. continuous integration and delivery ( CI/CD)
  3. docker
  4. kubernetes
  5. terraform
  6. ansible
  7. git
  8. various cloud concepts



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CI/CD & automation pipelines

What is a pipeline
Explain Infrastructure as code in pipelines
Explain tasks, jobs, stages
How a devops pipeline agent works
Triggers on devops pipelines


what is a container
explain -p on docker command


What differentiates k8s from traditional deployment methods
Kubernetes architecture
Kubernetes services
Liveness and readiness probes
Daemon sets
Kubernetes namespaces
Helm charts


IAC tools and terraform
Terraform providers
Terraform modules


Explain ansible architecture
Ansible roles
Ansible handlers
Ansible inventories


What is a merge conflict
Git stash
Git rebase

General questions

Load balancer and web servers
Serverless architecture
PaaS, SaaS, IaaS