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Learn Docker Kubernetes Jenkinswith Hands On Coding Exercises. For beginners in DevOps

What you will learn

Basic DevOps Terminology

Deploy Kubernetes cluster

Learn how to use Kops to spin up Kubernetes cluster.

Jenkins MasterClass and Build Pipeline


Have you ever wondered what DevOps is? Do you often hear terms such as “Continuous Integration”, “Build Automation”, and “Orchestration”? What about tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, and Chef?

This course provides a basic introduction to the DevOps essentials everyone needs to know. Covering all the terms and tools listed above, and much more. We designed the course to give you a working knowledge of what DevOps is and how it impacts I.T. in the real world. This course explains the culture of DevOps, as well as the primary practices and tools associated with DevOps. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the close relationship between DevOps and the cloud.

After completing this course, you should:

  • Be able to articulate what DevOps is.
  • Have a basic understanding of the major practices associated with DevOps.
  • Have some familiarity with the kinds of tools that are available to help you implement DevOps practices.
  • Have an understanding of the relationship between DevOps and cloud platforms.

This course is for the absolute beginner or an I.T. professional who just wants a quick refresher. Come join Linux Academy on your journey to learn about DevOps.

As an added bonus to all who enroll, we have made a select group of Linux Academy’s Hands-On Labs and flashcards available for free to all students who wish to take advantage of them. Instructions on how to access these bonus features will be provided during the course. (NOTE: These bonus features are not a required part of the course. they are an addition you can choose if you so wish).






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What is DevOps


What is Jenkins | Jenkins Introduction

Install Jenkins on Cloud Machine

Create First Jenkins Job

Docker Containers

Install Docker on Cloud Machine

Create Docker File in Project

Bonus Lecture : What is Next?

Bonus Lecture : What is Next?