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You’ve written the perfect feature film script, TV pilot, or novel you want to see on screen. Now what?

What you will learn

How to formulate and create visually stunning pitch decks

How to conceptualize a pitch deck with business goals in mind

How to leave an impression while presenting


So you’ve written the screenplay that will revolutionize Hollywood as we know it. The only problem is that your independent movie costs $8MΒ to make, you’re broke, and you have no idea how the industry works. You could always put it all on credit cards and destroy your life in the process. That’s one option.

Or you can spend just over an hour to learn how to schmooze Hollywood bigwigs.

Knowing how to create a visually stunning pitch deck is an essential skill that every writer needs to know to secure funding. But executive producers speak in what seems to be a different language than writers. How do you translate genius creative stories into business-oriented copy for wealthy investors who only communicate in PowerPoint?

By taking this class, of course.

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We’ll walk you through all the essential skills you need to learn to deliver an impactful pitch presentation.

  • How to transform creative content into business opportunities for your potential indie producers
  • How to design a beautiful pitch deck
  • How to present in the most common settings
  • How to leave a lasting impression to secure that funding and get your movie made

Whether you’ve written a feature film screenplay, teleplay, or you’re wanting to adapt a novel, this class will teach you all the essential methods to market yourself and your project in a way that speaks powerfully to investors.



Conveying Tone through the Pitch Deck Aesthetic
Physical Dimensions
Start with an Image
Creating the Slides
Color Theory & Relationship – CHEAT SHEET
Building the Page
Alter the Photos to Fit the Tone
Save Slides as a Single PDF
Pitch Content
The Creative
The Business
The Presentation
Tangibles & Leave-Behinds