GET and POST method

What you will learn

Create sap abap rest api for sales order creation

with deep structure

GET and POST method

Testing with POSTMAN tool


This course is design for the ABAP consultant, with basic abap knowledge,

Student can learn in this course, How to create a rest api for the sales order with deep structure ,

with GET and POST method implementation, as a third party tool I have use POSTMAN tool for testing the web service.

Once it is created and tested successfully in SAP and POSTAMN , these web service we can use with any application which can consume this http , based web service

Business Requirement: Develop a rest api, which is to be consume by non-sap system for the creation of Sales Order in to sap and which will return the created sales order number back to the calling system and in case any error occurs while creating the SO, return the error messages.

Both Get and Post Method required

Technical Design: As for the sales order creation, we required to capture the header details, line items, business partner involve and condition records, for this we need to create the Deep Structure.

Any structure that contain at least one Table Type (internal table) , reference type or string as a component is known as Deep structure.

Steps for Creation of Rest API

1: Create Deep structure

2: Create Resource Provider class

3: Create Request Handler Class

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4: Create SICF service node

5: Implement of GET method in Resource Provider class

6: Test GET method from POSTMAN tool

7: Implement POST method use BAPI for creation of sales order BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2

8: Test POST method through POSTMAN




Business Requirement and Development

Business Requirement

Create Deep structure

Create Resource Provider and Handler class

GET Method Implementation

Test GET method from POSTMAN

Implement POST Method

Test POST method from POSTMAN