ANN from beginning

What you will learn

Basics of artificial neural network

Basics of python programming

Steps of algorithm for creating neural network

Step by step implementation of ANN in python


Artificial neural networks (ANNs), also known as neural networks (NNs), are computer systems that are modelled after the biological neural networks that make up animal brains.

In this course ,we will learn to create our own neural networks with python.

Details are:

  • Introduction to artificial neural network
  • Python basics
  • Let’s understand algorithm
  • Implement ANN in python
  • Wrapping up

Introduction to artificial neural network: Artificial neural networks simulates the functioning of human brain .This section,we will learn the basics of artificial neural network.We will also learn various types of neural network.,techniques of neural networks. Tasks associated with neural network with examples,feed forward and feed back neural networks and more….

Python basics : Python is the language widely used for development.We can use python in desktop,web and ML development. In this section we will learn about python basics required to implement our neural network.We will learn

  • Hello world example
  • Taking input
  • Data types
  • Operators
  • if cases
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Classes

Let’s understand algorithm : In this section we will learn what are algorithms?How it works? It’s basics required to implement in next section and more….

Implement ANN in python : In this section,we will implement our own neural network with python.Requires Numpy and scipy libraries.

Wrapping up : In this section,we will analyse what we done.





Introduction to Artificial neural network

Python programming basics

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Hello world in python

Print my name in Python

Data types in Python

Operators in python

Taking input in python

Loops in Python

Cases in Python

How to define and call function in python

How to create a class in Python

Understanding algorithms

Steps of algorithm of artificial neural network.

Now create own neural network

Implement neural network in python from stratch.

Closing lecture

Closing lecture