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A Paradigm shift

What you will learn

Learn about the wide range of symptoms of anxiety and depression

Understand the symptoms of anxiety and depression and maintain factors that can perpetuate these symptoms

Learn strategies to manage and help reduce symptoms

Have access to information about resources for those wanting further help or support

Life skill training from live examples and experience sharing.


Well-being, or wellbeing, also known as wellness, prudential value or quality of life, refers to what is intrinsically valuable relative to someone. So the well-being of a person is what is ultimately good for this person, what is in the self-interest of this person.

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The fields of well-being and mindfulness are vast and varied. In reality, there are many different parts of our lives that impact our physical and mental states.

By taking an online course, you can learn about how your lifestyle affects the way you feel and move towards taking control of your wellbeing.

Practicing mindfulness and focusing on your mental and physical well-being can help lower stress and improve your attention span, as well as make you sleep better and decrease loneliness. Taking a course that teaches you how to be mindful can help you work on all of these areas.

A well-being or mindfulness course can also help others in your life. By giving you the skills and knowledge related to these areas, you can work on your relationships and improve your emotional intelligence.

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For whom?

Our mindfulness and wellbeing courses include introductions that cater to complete beginners, through to specialized topics. The application of this information depends on your own needs.

Many of our learners take these courses to improve their own focus, balance, and presence in the day to day.

Some learners take these courses as part of the path to becoming professionals within the wellness industry, while others work in education, healthcare, or even management positions were applying these skills can help them cope with professional pressures, and they can guide others as part of their leadership or teaching roles.




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