Learn to work on JanusGraph Database | Upgrade your skills

What you will learn

What is Graph DB ?

Why chose Graph DB ?

Types of Graph DB ?

Benefits of JanusGraph DB

Basic Terminologies used in JanusGraph

JanusGraph Architecture

Install JanusGraph

Working of Gremlin Queries

Run Sample Gremlin Queries

Schema & Data Modelling in JanusGraph

Automatic Schema Maker

Index In JanusGraph

Configure Gremlin Server

Connect to a Gremlin Server Remotely using a Gremlin Console

Run Groovy Script in Gremlin Console

Export & Import data in JanusGraph


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This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course, It Constitutes all the information you will be required if you need to work on JanusGraph Database. The world is shifting towards Graph Databases, and we should upgrade our skills with time.

In this course you will be learning ::

  • What a graph DB is ?
  • Why we choose graph DB ?
  • Types of graph Databases on the basis of storage
  • Benefits of JanusGraph DB
  • Basic Terms and Architecture
  • Setup JanusGraph On Local system
  • Working of Gremlin Queries
  • Run some sample gremlin queries
  • Schema And Data Modelling in JanusGraph
  • Indexes in JanusGraph
  • Configure Gremlin Server and connect to it remotely using a gremlin console
  • Run Groovy script on gremlin console
  • Import and Export JanusGraph Data using gremlin console

This course is for all the people who want to work on JanusGraph, What ever your level or understanding would be, this course would work for you. It does not require any prior knowledge.

You will get lifetime access to all the lectures plus we will always be available to you. Comment us your queries and we will try our best to answer those.

You can also contact us on [email protected]

So what are you waiting for? Learn JanusGraph in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!



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Course Introduction

Course Introduction

JanusGraph Introduction

What is graph DB

Why Chose Graph DB

Types Of Graph

Benefits Of JanusGraph DB

Basic terms and architecture

JanusGraph Basic Terms

JanusGraph Architecture

Getting Started

Install JanusGraph On Local

Gremlin Queries

Working Of Gremlin Query

Run Sample Queries

Schema and data modelling

Schema and data modelling

Automatic schema maker



Configure Gremlin Server

Configure Gremlin Server & Remotely Connect to it via Gremlin Console


Run Groovy Script In Gremlin Console

Import & export JanusGraph data using gremlin console