Master DApp Development – Smart Contracts – Solidity, Web3, React, Mocha, Ethereum Blockchain Programming for Front-end

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Remix: Ethereum

Decentralized Application Building

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Become a Complete DApp Developer by learning the best in demand skills taught by renown engineer and full stack developer Clarian North. 

Join in early on an exciting technology implementing global changes to multiple industries and businesses.

This is the course you’ve been looking for to code along and become a modern DApp developer in 2021. It does so much more than just provide you with the basics to building smart contracts. This course covers everything you need to know to work on professional projects: from absolute no starting knowledge to producing a final project you can be proud to put on your resume.

There are many courses out there on the internet and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of information, so here is why this course will accelerate your learning path towards truly leveling up your skills:

  1. Regular course updates. Learn the most modern tools available in tech for smart contracts. There are so many ways to go about building something and we are not going to waste our time. In this course, you will learn the specific technologies that are the most in demand in the industry today. These include tools and technologies used by leaders in NFT markets such as OpenSea, tech companies from Facebook to Google and others.
  2. Upon completing this course you will be able to build your own smart contracts and have a fundamental understanding of how they are deployed and work off of applications built together from scratch. With zero starting experience to a professional level: where you will build a complete Yield Farming Staking DApp (your own digital banking system which will allocate funds to users and allow for depositing and withdrawals hosting multiple ERC20 style tokens.  This course is the solution for those who are trying to save precious time to figure out how to get things to work and not be overwhelmed with online videos as well as those who want to get into modern tech, but aren’t sure where to start and don’t have the money to spend.
  3. This course is mentored and lead by a seasoned professional with years of experience. The Instructor of this course has worked as a head engineer (senior dev and mastering) and co-producer (writing and arranging) for majors, indies, and international publishing houses including working with Grammy nominated and Award Winning Productions. I have headed and worked in engineering and production for companies from the ground up to viral successes again and again all over the world from studios and Labels in Detroit, LA, Montreal and Berlin. This is my love and my life. I am am someone who is passionate and committed to building quality projects from the ground up. I believe my work speaks for me.
  4. This course is set up to teach you the current modern tools and skills needed to get a job in DApp development from freelancing in or at the very least familiarize yourself with the modern tools needed to completing your own personal projects. With our online community you will be able to get mentoring help from me and other producers along with engage in active conversations. This course features the best and most current tools and techniques I have used and worked with over the years and will excel you in ways that other courses simply can’t confined to just one framework. You will have the knowledge to work with multiple types of languages and libraries.
  5. The course is designed to give you employable skills and knowledge with smart contracts integrated into the front end.

This is the definitive DApp Developer Bootcamp course. After completing the final project, you will have extensively gone through the following tools and technologies:

  • Solidity
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Bootstrap
  • Web3js
  • Truffle
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Async Await
  • Node (Http)
  • Github
  • React Lifecycles
  • Front End UI & UX
  • NPM
  • Ganache
  • MetaMask
  • JSX
  • Transfer / TransferFrom
  • Approval & Authorization Events
  • Security
  • Ethereum Blockchain Network and Deployment
  • Smart Contract Interactions

You will be able to code-along, step by step through the videos and exercises, and complete the following projects:

* Write, compile, debug, and deploy multiple smart contracts.

* Use professional testing unit suites to check blockchain data.

* Learn how the front end interacts with blockchain data.

* Deploy and hook up to local test networks and run transactions on the Ethereum blockchain in real time.

* Build your own ERC20 Token.

* Reverse Engineer a decentralized banking system with Yield Farming Staking & Rewards from scratch.

* Start working remotely freelancing on DApp and Smart Contract projects in the Ethereum Blockchain world.

I have put into this course the best techniques and tools that I’ve used throughout my entire professional career. There are countless tutorials and master classes out there and it is very easy to get lost on a forum wasting time reading over differing opinions endlessly. But none of that gives you a true learning experience to understanding what’s going on under the hood and being able to succeed not just in the course, but in your projects and career thereafter. This course is the solution for those who are stuck trying to figure out how to get things to work and overwhelmed with tutorials as well as those who want to get into modern tech, but aren’t sure where to start and don’t have the money to spend. This course embodies all of my years of experiences including the best things that work as well as the trappings to avoid, so you don’t have to waste hours upon hours for nothing going back and instead just focus on moving forward and staying on track with the most modern tools available.

This is a one of a kind program because there is not yet anything else out there that can offer you this in DApp development. You’re not going to come out of this stuck and feeling limited by just learning basic solidity on an IDE, or feeling like you can’t progress without taking on tons of additional resources. You will come out of it with something for more valuable, going step by step building a DApp from scratch and being guided and challenged all along the way. We’re going to be learning many translatable and employable skills such as:

  • Solidity & Smart Contracts: Learn the language that it takes to build the top NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, lending platforms and Exchanges from Uniswap to Gemini, Yield Farming and all the exciting new developments in DeFi.
  • Structuring Out A Professional Project from the Ground Up: We go step by step looking at what it takes to develop a full fledge project from building out our own smart contract features to implementing them onto the front end.
  • Mocha and Truffle Tests: You will actually code out professional tests and assertions on developed smart contracts to ensure there are no errors to prep for network blockchain transaction and deployment. This is the real way to build out projects both for immutable blockchain transactions as well as large applications in the real world.
  • React, Javascript, & Bootstrap: Build a frontend with a framework that is used by Facebook, Instagram and many leading start ups today.
  • Web3 & MetaMask: We will use the most powerful libraries available to hook up Crypto Wallets to our application and run through verification processes and authorization of transactions. 
  • Build A Full Complete Local Dev Env: We will loading up our own test network and leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to build a fully capable local developer environment for building DApps.

These days there are so many technologies out there and opinions on how and what to learn, and learning just one language or technique in small pieces as opposed to going through the actual steps and integrating all the key pieces limits our ability to greatly progress. Learning the lessons like the ones above are what it’s going to take to truly level you up so that you’re well ahead of the game in 2021 when it comes to modern DApp development.

The world is shifting more and more towards learning and working at home. This is an opportunity for you to start learning the most in demand skills, showcase those skills, and gain the experiences you need to develop your passion into something real. It would be an honor to take this journey with you and I hope you will give this a chance.

I have poured hard effort into this course and I am very excited about this and can say hands down, there is no other course on the internet or off of it, like this one.

Looking forward to seeing you in the lessons!




Introduction to DApps

Weolcome To The Course!

What Is A DApp (Decentralized Application)

Introduction To Blockchain

Centralization vs. Decentralization

Introduction to The IDE Remix:Ethereum

Introduction to IDE ( Remix: Ethereum)

Introduction To Text Editors

IDE Solidity Compiler & Deployer

Download Your First Text Editor

Overview On What Is A Smart Contract

Introduction to Solidity (Smart Contract Basics)

Create Your First Solidity File

Writing Comments in Solidity

Pragma Solidity

Pragma Solidity Version Conditions

Exercise – Solidity Operator Basics I

Smart Contract As Defined In Solidity

Create Your First Smart Contract!

Introduction to Variables (In Solidity)

Introduction to Functions (Solidity)

‘Public’ Keyword (Solidity)

Exercise – Write The Shell of A Basic Function

Final – Simple Storage Contract

Solidity Compiling & Debugging Introduction

Deploy Your First Smart Contract (IDE – Remix:Ethereum)

Interacting (Transactions) with Smart Contracts

Exercise – Deploy A Smart Contract (Solidity)

Simple Storage Contract Solution

Build Your First Solidity DApp (Decentralized Application) From Scratch

Overview on Introductory Level DApp Section

Review: Ide Remix:Ethereum

Creating Variables for The Will Smart Contract

Introduction To The Constructor Function in Solidity

Modifiers in Solidity

Introduction to Arrays & Objects

Mapping in Solidity (Key Store Value)

Exercise – setInheritance Function Recap (Address & Amount)

Introduction To For Loop in Solidity

Recap: Will Smart Contract (Steps So Far)

Oracle – isDeceased Function

Compiling & Deploying the Smart Contract

IDE: Deployment Review – WIll Smart Contract

Interacting with The Blockchain & Oracle

Solidity & Smart Contract Glossary

Overview on Glossary Section

Solidity Address Variable Type

Solidity Mapping

Solidity Scoping with Variable

Global Variables In Solidity

Solidity Modifiers

Solidity Constructor

Blockchain Transactions

Build A Basic Crypto Token (Solidity – Smart Contracts)

Crypto Token Contract Setup

Minting Function in Solidity

Send Tokens Function in Solidity

Review: ERC20 Contract Intro

Blockchain Smart Contracts & DeFi Lectures

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

How Blockchain Works

What Is Crypto Mining

What Are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Proof of Work Vs. Proof of Stake

The DApplication Developer Environment (Complete Setup)

Overview on Yield Farming DApplicaiton Development

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Quick Note: (Greg’d Dapp University Code)

Download & Install

Install Ganache & Important Note

Hooking Up MetaMask to Ganache

Install Node js

Node Js Exercise I

Node Js Solution

Create A Local Node Server (Optional)

Install Truffle Globally

Git Clone The Code Starter Project

Add Folders To The Project Directory

Install Dependancies & Project Overview

Truffle Configs & Migration Setups

The Final Code Project File (Code Along Solutions)

Truffle Configurations (Network)

Building The Migration Contract

Migration Deployment Code

Tether Smart Contract Shell

Deployment Migration File

Truffle Compile

Exercise – Truffle Console

Advanced Solidity (ERC20 Token Functionality)

Transfer Event

Transfer & TransferFrom

Review – Token Smart Contract

Truffle Migrate – Upgrades & Console

Smart Contract Transactions Between Eachother

Compiling, Debugging & Migrating Contracts

Smart Contract Debugging & Testing (Mocha & Chai) – Truffle & Solidity

Introduction to Mocha & Chai

Setting Up Solidity Truffle Tests

Assertions & Mocha/Chai Tests

Solidity Test Exercise I

Before Hook Solidity

Transfer Tokens Tests I

Transfer Tokens Tests II

DApp Smart Contracts: Staking, Unstaking, & Rewards

Deposit Tokens Functionality

Staking Logic Exercise

Staking Logic Solution

Deposit Tokens Advanced Testing I

Full Test Review (Truffle & Mocha)

Issue Reward Tokens (Smart Contract)

Unstaking & Final Mocha Tests

Reward Scripts (Terminal Exec)

React Introduction (Javascript, HTML, JSX, State & Props)

Introduction to React

Let’s Build Our First ‘Hello, World!’

HTML, CSS & Bootstrap Basics

Basic In-Line Styling Example (React)

Bonus Exercise (Stylize The Landing Page)

Short Overview On Bootstrap Components

Building The DApp Navbar UI

React State & Props (Customer Account Number)

Web3 & Loading Blockchain Data (Front End)

Web3 & Metamask

Web3 Docs

Front End Blockchain Data

Loading Smart Contracts to The Front End (Tether Mock)

Review – Loading Blockchain Data

Loading Blockchain Data Exercise I

Loading Blockchain Data Solution

Loading Tests – Blockchain Data

Front End DApp Development (Web3, Javascript, React)

Final Code Project Solution Files

What We’re Building (Smart Contract Front End Implementation)

Building The Main Component UI

Quick Note On Boostrap

Main Component Complete Layout

Loading Implementation (Front End)

Connecting Balance from Smart Contracts to The Front End

Staking Tokens (Front End)

Unstaking Tokens Exercise

Unstaking Tokens Solution

Staking Button (Front End)

Exercise – Unstaking Button (Front End)

Solution – Unstaking Button (Front End)

FInal Recap on Front End DApp Project

UI Animation – Additional Front End Practice (Optional)

Particle Animation Wrapping Layer

Particle Animation Properties

Exercise – Particle Animation

Additional React & State Practice (Optional)

Airdrop Code Architecture

Airdrop Overview

Javascript – Timer Conversion Function

Rendering The Timer State

Initializing Timer State (Front End)

Implementing Count Down Timer

Hooking Up The Airdrop Implemention

Final Course Exercise (Airdrop: Reward Tokens) – Good Luck!

Build A Voting DApplication (Smart Contract & Blockchain Interaction)

Full Project DApp Review

Solidity Struct – (Data Types)

Arrays, Mapping, & Addresses

Memory Vs Storage & For Loop Review

First Debugging, Compiling & Deployment Test

Voting Authentication Function

The Vote Function

Voting Results Function

Converting Bytes with Node & Ethers

Final Deployment (Intearcting Votes On The Blockchain)