Learn Color Theory in the Context of Photography!

What you will learn

Learn Basic Color Theory

Different Color Schemes and their Effects

Create Contrast with Colors

Important Color Theory Terminology


Learn Color Theory in the context of photography and unlock new ways to create color concepts that make your images stand out!

Learn the Color Theory Basics to get you started

In the beginning we will start by going through the very basics like color mixing, understand important terms such as hue, value, saturation, chroma, intensity and how they relate to our work. You will also learn the importance of value and how it enables us to represent a color hue to its fullest potential.

Explore Color Schemes and the Relationship of Colors

You will learn about color schemes such as the split complementary, triadic, analogous and monochromatic color scheme. Learn the effect each color scheme creates, the relationship colors have with each other and how you can create contrast by making use of that, without being reliant on contrast adjustments.

See what artists did and how they employed color theory

By having a look at fine art and relate that to common photographical topics like the white balance, we will further solidify how we can think about color temperature and ways to represent that in sensibly.

Jump in to Photoshop and apply the theory

After the theory part, you will be well equipped and learn to apply the theory in Photoshop in order to create create color concepts and use different color schemes on your own images to make them look the best way possible.

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Color Basics And Color Mixing

Hue, Value, Saturation

Color Schemes

White Balance In The Context Of Fine Art

In Practice

Triadic Color Scheme

Split Complementary Color Scheme

Analogous Color Scheme