The future of orthodontics is 4D!

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Learn about new and innovative orthodontic techniques

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ClearX is the one and only 4D clear aligner in the market right now. Its mission is to reduce plastic waste in the field of orthodontics, while also improving the effectiveness of teeth straightening. ClearX is revolutionizing sustainability in the field of teeth straightening.

The aim of this presentation is to orient you with new and innovative techniques that will help you and your patient experience a totally different but better orthodontic Journey. The technique you will be introduced to today is a novel idea presented only by K Line Europe from Germany.

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However, in spite of that we have spent at least the last three years developing and testing and even patenting all the steps and procedures to bring out this amazing product we are still dedicated to providing this service to everyone and through even other companies or to say, competitors. By bringing ideas and innovative products into the mainstream by that we could help the whole industry orthodontics field and most of all our patients.

I won’t be putting most of my focus on difficult kinds of cases for treatment or showing you challenging, complicated treatments, otherwise, I will be distracting you from the product’s idea. I always imagine clear aligners or even braces as your GPS and you as a doctor are the one holding the GPS in your hands, the gadget is only an assistant while you are the master or in the driver’s seat if you understand the product or the gadget that you have in your hand everything will go from there we easily, and you could guide your way with whatever product you have in hand. Without further due, clear X is all about the three items you see in this split slide over here. It’s about digitizing and orthodontic treatment it’s about monitoring and orthodontic treatment it’s about customizing automation, or you could even consider it a mix of all that I’ve just mentioned now.




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