Do you know all the basics for playing the cello?

What you will learn

Learn the correct posture for playing cello

Understand basic right hand techniques (Proper way to how to hold the bow and play the cello with it, Bow speed control, String Crossing)

Understand basic left hand techniques (Basic hand shape, Opened & Closed position, How to place your fingers when you play)

Discover the common mistakes in playing cello


The course is conducted in Cantonese with English subtitle

This is a beginner course tailored to help everyone who has just started playing cello. But it is also very useful for students who wants to polish their movements and improve their playing techniques.

In this course, you will:

· Learn the basic and fundamental techniques for playing cello;

· Understand the reasons behind common mistakes for right and left hands; and

· Know how to fix common problems and improve your playing skills.

About Cellist Clara Tsang

Clara Tsang graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), majoring in Music (Cello Performance). She had studied under different cellists, including Richard Bamping and Professor Ray Wang, and attended master classes held by late Timothy Landauer, Martin Menking, Gerhard lberer and Mario Brunello, and had private lessons with Natalie Gutman, Bion Tsang, Thomas Grossenbacher and Antonio Pleeth.

Clara’s passion and vision in bringing music to as many people as possible has led to the establishment of Cello Factory and Hong Kong Cellist Society (HKCS) in 2004. Cello Factory, where she serves as the School Principal, is a music school that offers music education for string and other instruments and for ensemble musicianship. On the other hand, HKCS provides a platform to all musicians for music exchange and sharing and opportunities for performance; to nurture a healthy appetite for classical music; and to encourage interaction between musicians and the public.

Under the support of Forever Red Project by HKCS, she had her first Cello Recital in 2012 and started her journey of musical reflection and discovery in her annual concerts in collaboration with different media and artists in Hong Hong.  In view of her success in the local music scene, she was encouraged to explore with her music and was also invited to perform abroad. She made her first international debut in Carnegie Hall, New York in March 2014 with the Fellowship granted by the Asian Cultural Council (New York) and performed in the Faculty House at Columbia University. In 2015, she held two concerts with new concepts – a “Serendipity” encounter with modern dance and “The moment” of ground-breaking performance on music and the theory and philosophy of martial art, Wing Chun – which brought veteran dancer and martial art master to the stage to perform with the cellist. Later, she was welcomed by Shen Shu Yi Foundation to play in Shanghai and brought her concert “My Dearest” for a Taiwan Tour in 2017 by the invitation of Nicola’s Creative Agent. 2019 will mark a new milestone for Clara as she will launch a cello CD with financial support raised via crowdfunding under the theme of “Just Meet You” in hope to bring her music and passions to more audience.




Before you start playing

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Sitting Posture

Holding the bow

Basic right hand technique

Playing whole bow

Placing the bow on the strings

Bow angle

Bow hair angle

Playing with the arm’s weight

Bow speed

Crossing strings using the shoulder

Crossing strings using the wrist

Basic left hand technique

Finding the first position

Placing the hand on the fingerboard

Hitting the strings with fingers

Keeping fingers on the fingerboard