Learn how to implement a security strategy for your network.

What you will learn

Learn how to prevent hacker attacks with network security best practices.

Learn how to configure device passwords, authentication, authorization, and encryption.

Learn how device hardening and best practices are key to network security for data centers.

Learn with packet tracer labs included for CLI security configuration

At the end of this course you will be able to configure top-level security on Cisco network devices.


Network Security is the #1 Topic Today

This course is an introduction to Cisco network security and fundamentals. Cisco is the global leader in data center networking equipment. Learn how to configure proper password security, network authentication and ACLs for packet filtering.

Learn how logical security zones are defined and physical data center access. There is VPN encryption and basic firewall connectivity explained for internet connectivity. Packet Tracer labs are included as well to practice in your own virtual lab. Learn how to implement proper security best practices for data center and lock down network against hacker attacks.

Course Highlights

  • Enable top-level password security
  • Network authentication methods
  • IPsec VPN and firewall configuration
  • Cisco packet filtering techniques
  • Packet Tracer configuration labs

There is a shift to internet and cloud-based connectivity that has become more prevalent. The proliferation and sophistication of hacker attacks has multiplied as well. That has changed how companies view and develop security strategy from intranet to cloud. The hackers attempt to steal or destroy application data on internal servers.

Cisco IOS includes various commands to configure security access on network devices. The configuration of user authentication is required to verify user identity. That is required before any access is allowed. There are encryption services as well to protect against password hacking. The options to configure authentication is based on local and remote access.

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Password Security

Cisco Packet Tracer

Enable Password

Enable Secret

Console Port

VTY Lines

Password Recovery

Internet Access

Secure Shell (SSHv2)

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ASA 5505 Firewall

Layer 2 Protocols

Port Security

DHCP Snooping

Authentication Methods

Local Authentication

TACACS+ Server

NTP Key Authentication

Wireless WPA2-PSK

Cisco Mobility Express

Access Control Lists (ACL)

Standard ACL

Named ACL

Extended ACL-1

Extended ACL-2

Security Tools

Network Address Zones

Data Center Physical Access

Cisco IOS Device Hardening

Cisco Firewall Best Practices